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Thursday 23rd June 2022

Although we have had a quieter week in Nursery due to Chicken pox, we have still had a very busy time. There was lots of water play such as washing the dolls, boats down the drainpipes and squeezy bottle mark making.  We have been making symmetrical patterns and fantastic creations with paper, glue and some googly eyes. 

Thursday 16th June 2022

This week in Nursery we had some very unusual visitors . Emma from the Exotic Zoo brought us some animals to look at. First we looked at a Millepede called Millie.We found out about her exoskeleton and 800 legs! Next was the turn of  Jaba the Giant African Bull frog. He made us laugh when he was trying to eat a worm. Then we met Tori the Royal Python who only eats on Wednesday . And lastly we looked at Trevor the Lesser Tenrec from Madagascar. He looks just like a hedgehog. The children were so good at listening to Emma and following her instructions about how to touch the different animals. When we got back to our classroom the children couldn’t wait to recreate some of the animals using playdough.

Friday 10th June 2022

We have enjoyed celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee all week in Nursery. From stories about the Queen to creating crowns. The children have made big hats with black paper after watching the changing of the guards. We have created Corgi obstacle courses, built castles,  palaces and carriages. As well as red, white and blue collages. The children have particularly enjoyed a story about The Queen’s Hat. A story about the Queen’s  hat blowing all around London and featuring London landmarks . Next week we are going to find out more about how tall Big Ben is and other interesting places. What a brilliant week in Nursery.

Thursday 26th June 2022

This week in Nursery the children have continued to be bug hunters. We have found wood lice, worms, flies and beetles. The children enjoyed playing “tennis “ as they used the bats and balls, remembering to make sure they had a big space before swinging the bat. The children have been so very busy all this half term and thoroughly deserve a well earned rest. We look forward to hearing about what everyone did in the holidays. 

Friday 20th May 2022 

From mighty beasts of the oceans last week to exploring in our garden and finding mini beasts this week . We were very excited when we found a snail and a slug. This was a perfect time to enjoy reading one of our favourite authors story, The snail and the whale.

We also tried comparing different sizes and height, as we made towers with the blocks next to our sunflowers. We used words such as tallest, shortest, taller and shorter.

Friday 13th May 2022 

This week in Nursery, the children have been really inquisitive. It started with a question from George, asking “How many teeth does a shark have?”. So we decided to find out by asking the computer. We were so interested in the facts we found out about sharks. In fact we would go so far to say we are nearly shark experts. The children have delighted in recounting the facts they have been learning all week. They can tell you a female shark is longer than a male shark, sharks are fishes  and their skeleton is made of cartilage ( a bit like our ears ) . Our exploration led us to start thinking about whales . We even measured out 100 feet to try to see how big the biggest mammal can grow. We can’t wait to see where our learning will take us next week.

Friday 6th May 2022

As always,we have had a very busy week in Nursery. One of the activities we tried outside was throwing and catching with the scarves. They are so light and gave the children time to catch them and hone their hand eye coordination skills. Inside the children were busy investigating and exploring numbers and patterns with the jelly numicon shapes. Some children even put two shapes together to  make shapes ( simple addition) and some children enjoyed counting the holes in the shapes and matching these to numerals.

Friday 29th April

It has been a brilliant and busy first week back in Nursery. We have welcomed some new friends who have settled  in so well.

The older children have been taking care of our new friends and showing them the ropes. Each day has been filled with lots of activities. We have enjoyed getting outside as the weather warms up. We also joined with the rest of the school to wish Mrs Bagguley a happy retirement and to say thank you. The children were amazing as they got up to shout Thank you to Netty and hold the letters. They seemed to be enjoying the occasion as they clapped the other children and looked out for siblings. We were super proud of their very grown up behaviour.

What a great week we have had in Nursery. The children have been so busy. They have been building all sorts of structures from rocket ships, boats, reading dens and balancing towers. Some children are starting to write their names and be interested in the letters in their names and their friends names. Our wonderful week ended with a celebration and treat for all their hard work and amazing reading challenge completed.The children are officially Julia Donaldson experts. Today, Stick man left the children a treasure hunt, which they thoroughly enjoyed. We hope you have a restful Easter holiday.

We are not sure if we could fit anymore learning and exploring into our days in Nursery this week. The children have been busy watching our seeds and beans growing, marvellous mark making in so many different ways, balancing, creating tricky tracks for the cars and

balls ,listening to lots more stories and some number poems by Julia Donaldson and thinking about the different illustrators used for the different books . If that wasn’t enough the children have been problem solving when the floor turned into lava and the cars needed rescuing. What a fantastic week in Nursery! 

It has been another super busy week in Nursery! All the children painted a beautiful daffodil picture for their mummies and we enjoyed thinking about our mummies and all they do for us. We have read stories with mummies in them, such as Owl babies and Monkey Puzzle.
The children continue with their enthusiasm for our reading challenge as they share their bedtime stories with us on Tapestry. We are working our way through our Julia Donaldson collection at school too. 

The children are watching and waiting for our seeds and beans to break through the compost . We are excited to see the roots growing in our clear pockets on the window. What a great week in Nursery.

British Science Week 2022 and Comic Relief 2022

This week we have planted beans and sunflower seeds in lots of different ways. Some are hidden in the soil and some are in clear pockets and bottles so we can see what happens as they start to germinate. We also started some experiments with our apple pips from snack time and our carrot tops. We know we have to be very patient.

On Friday we joined the rest of the school taking part in Comic Relief. We tried to balance red noses on our noses and we even tried to pose with our red nose. What a great week in Nursery!

We have started our World Book  day challenge in Nursery in  earnest . We are reading lots of Julia Donaldson books at school and some children are reading their own books at bedtime . 
We enjoyed a sunny walk in the school grounds and found lots of signs of spring.

What a busy start to the second half of the term it has been. Mixing and tasting pancakes on Shrove Tuesday to celebrating World Book Day on Thursday and lots, lots more in between. 

What a busy term it has been in Nursery. Although the children are very tired they are still completely engaged in our daily activities. This week we have had discussions about the people we love as we celebrated  Valentine’s  Day. The children have worked together to create an enormous track all around the classroom , taking turns and negotiating as it grew bigger and bigger. This term we have also welcomed lots of new children, who have settled in so well and have been super stars. 

This week in Nursery we joined in with Children’s Mental health week. We used the book The Colour Monster as a starting point as we explored our feelings . We talked about how our actions can hurt others feelings and making sure we had kind hands. As well as singing songs about our feelings we tried some very simple yoga exercises. We listened to a story and made shapes with our bodies….Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Williams were amazed at how good we were. On Tuesday we had some interesting discussions about keeping safe on our tablets and using the internet as we joined in with Safer Internet Day. 
The children have continued making amazing shape monsters and characters using the cut out shapes . 


The children started the week off busily making houses . We read The three little pigs and talked about the different houses. The children were particularly good at retelling  the story and pretending to be the pigs when Mrs Vaughan was pretending to be the Big bad wolf.

The children had a great time Dressing up for Digits day. We made fantastic shape pictures using lots of different materials. We sang number songs and enjoyed using the 2D shapes  the playdough. 

Our week in Nursery started with an exciting visit from the air ambulance helipod. The children all had a turn sitting in the cockpit and looking at the dials and switches. The children have also been writing letters to the dinosaurs, singing dinosaur counting songs and have even made some amazing dinosaurs using the playdough. We have enjoyed playing our musical instruments. After playing and singing along with some of our favourite songs, we played quietly and loudly and explored the musical sounds on the interactive whiteboard. Phew ! What a busy week in Nursery. 

The children in Nursery have been busy hula hooping and finding lots of ways to play with a hoop. They have worked together to make dens and tents. The children have also been developing their exploration and investigation skills as we experimented dissolving  different substances in water.