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Key information for parents:

  • Nursery children are greeted at the wooden door by our Nursery cloakroom at 8.50am.
  • The morning session starts at 8:50am and finishes at 11:50am.
  • The afternoon sessions starts at 12:10pm and finishes at 3:10pm.


Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Williams look forward to seeing you in Nursery.

Friday 28th June 2024

We have watched our caterpillars change into Chrysalides this week. Now we have to wait and be patient. 
This week we found a snail in our garden and have been watching and observing it all week. What a fantastic treat today when Sid the Giant African Land Snail came to visit. Olivia told us all about his house and the different things he eats. Thank you to The Allen family for sharing Sid with us today.

Friday 21st June 2024

We have continued to watch and observe our wonderful caterpillars. As we have talked about the caterpillars getting bigger and longer,  we have introduced more mathematics. We have made long trucks, long snakes and lots of other long things with different equipment and have talked about the different lengths. The children have really been showing off their mathematical knowledge. Some children can say which objects are longer or shorter or which object is the longest or shorter. Some children can order several different objects from shortest to longest.
The children were treated to a Balance bike experience on Monday and since then we have been finding different ways to balance inside and outside our classroom. We have enjoyed building and balancing objects  in our classroom and have made some brilliant towers. What a busy week! 

Friday 14th June 2024

Caterpillar watch has started in Nursery. Our caterpillars arrived by post on Monday and we have been watching them every day. The children are keen to see if they have grown each day and have been using the magnifying glasses to have a closer look. 

Friday 7th June 2024

We have had a fantastic start to the second half of the Summer term. The children have settled back into our routines quickly. Lots of children went straight to the Creation Station on Monday morning , getting busy with the paint and glue. What a very busy week!

Friday 10th May 2024

We have had lots of fun getting outside in the nursery garden this week. The children have been building with the bricks and making their own dens and tents. Everyone has enjoyed playing with the water and drainpipes as they created waterfalls and tried collecting the water. 
Our circle activities have been all about “ Good listening “ and what this looks like. Our favourite listening game is Listen for your name. If you are doing good listening in the circle and the grown up spots you, they will call your name to pop the bubbles or catch the balloon. 

Friday 26th April 2024

We have had a jam packed week in Nursery. We all enjoyed a special visitor on Tuesday. Shellby  the Tortoise came to see us and we found out lots of interesting things. We now know that a tortoise is a herbivore and that they have sharp claws for digging. On Thursday we went for an impromptu bear hunt and on Friday we found a spider in the cloakroom and enjoyed watching it move and getting a closer look.

Friday 12th April 2024

We are off to a flying start in Nursery this week. We have had lots of fun exploring and experimenting for Science Week. Although our experiment didn’t quite go to plan we still enjoyed mixing powder paint and creating new colours from three primary colours. We have had discussions about old and new devices and thought about what happens to us as we get older. Do we keep growing? We are going to see if we are taller at the end of the summer term.

Friday 22nd March 2024

We have had an egg-cellent week in nursery. After starting the week discovering ladybirds in the garden we were keen to make our own ladybird creations.

The children enjoyed exploring in the mud kitchen and finding lots of worms.

Inside the children made their own shop and quickly organised their own queuing system for a turn with the till.

On Thursday we all enjoyed a whole class treat won by Myles. We tucked into toast and chocolate milkshake. There were more treats to follow when we went on an egg hunt.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter time.


Friday 15th March 2024

Today we came to school in our own clothes, made fantastic red collage pictures, made funny faces in the playdough and enjoyed some delicious hot buttered toast for snack. We raised lots of money for Comic Relief / Red Nose Day 2024. 

Friday 8th March 2024

In nursery this week we painted daffodils for a special grown up. The children impressed us with their painting skills. 
All week we celebrated reading, stories and books. We had ten special books all wrapped up and delivered to the classroom. Each day we opened them and enjoyed new stories by our favourite authors or some of our favourite books. We read stories about mummies too.

Although we have been celebrating reading all week, we enjoyed joining the whole school for some World Book Day fun on Thursday. We had a picture hunt outside and also enjoyed guessing the teachers book on the big screen. 

Friday 1st March 2024

This week in Nursery we have been taking turns and sharing. We might have been sharing the marbles in the marble run or taking a turn with the click clack track. Some children have enjoyed taking their turn washing the babies in the water tray. A few children built a rocket and blasted off to the moon but the rocket couldn’t fit everyone in so we had to be patient and wait for our turn.  At circle time we waited patiently for our turn on the balance beam. During free play we had to line up on the shapes and remember to go to the back of the line if we wanted to have a turn. The children quickly got the hang of this. 

Friday 23rd February 2024

The children have been super creative in nursery this week. From different creations using pens, paints, playdough and scissors to making their own ice cream shop. Outside there was lots of role play and another ice cream shop using the very large cones, for the aliens in their game . The children have really used their imaginations in lots of different ways.

Friday 2nd and 9th February 2024

What  a brilliant half term we have had in Nursery. We have welcomed new children into our classroom and they have all settled in so well. We are so proud of them and also our older children who have helped them settle in. They have shared their toys and helped our new friends learn our routines. There has been lots of building, creating and exploring both inside and outside. We hope everyone has a restful half term break it is certainly well deserved.

Friday 19th January 2024

Our second week of the Spring Term has been filled with lots of play, fun and learning. The new children are really settling in and finding their way around our busy classroom. We are all trying hard to share and take turns with our toys and resources. An overriding theme of the week is tricky puzzles. The children like to challenge themselves and in turn each other as they inspire and encourage each other to keep trying, even if it’s a bit difficult. We can’t wait to see where our learning will take us next week.

Friday 12th January 2024

The children in Nursery have got off to a flying start. We have been so busy helping new friends to settle in. It has been lovely to see the older children helping the younger children to settle in, they have made them feel so welcome and shown them all the different things they can explore inside and outside. We even managed some scientific exploration , finding out about water freezing outside overnight  and then melting. 

Thursday 21st December 2023 

Friday 1st December 2023

This week in Nursery we have been busy exploring outside. We noticed the change in the weather and how cold it was. The children were quick to find some frozen leaves and frozen grass. On Thursday we decided to put some of our yellow water from the water tray in buckets and put them outside. On Friday morning were very excited to find that they had frozen. The children showed off their scientific knowledge as we talked about the different properties of the water as a liquid and how it changed into a solid and back to a liquid before our eyes. 
We kicked off the festive season with a visit from Magic Chris this morning followed by a special delivery in the classroom from Edward the elf. There was a tree to put up and hidden decorations to find. There was even a special elf chocolate in the advent calendar. 

Friday 17th November 2023

What a busy week, from thinking about Odd Socks Day on Monday to Children in Need on Friday. This week is also World Nursery Rhyme week and each day the children have taken home their own props so they could sing and share a rhyme with their families. 

Friday 27th October 2023

This week has been jam packed. From thinking about the floods and reading Noah’s Ark to building a different kind of track with the big grey blocks. And lots of excitement when the children discovered sparkling spider webs outside the classroom. This provoked a spider web hunt in the school grounds and making our own spiders inside. There was certainly no slowing down for our final week of the half term. 

Friday 20th October 2023

A busy week in Nursery filled with lots of play and learning. Collecting the falling leaves from Stickman's tree to take inside and have a closer look at. Getting our fingers moving and working on our fine motor skills by pegging our matching socks on the washing line. And digging in the mud kitchen , making pies and looking for Superworm in the mud. A wonderful week of child led learning and exploring. 

Friday 13th October 2023

On Tuesday we thought about our feelings for World Mental Health Day 2023. We read The Colour Monster story and created yellow collages. 
We role played Five currant buns with one of our friends homemade buns. All the children were eager to buy a bun.

On Friday we wore odd socks and had lots of fun as we played a game to find the matching pairs. 

Friday 6th October 2023

It has been a very busy week in Nursery with the children's interest in anything with wheels continuing. We have made wooden tracks, role played making a caravan, train and bus after creating these with the crates and go cart wheels . The children have made different ramps for the wheels and talked about them going faster and slower. 
We joined in with the whole of the school thinking about how we get to school for Walk to school month.  We even made a simple pictogram to record our data. 😊