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Our week in Nursery started with an exciting visit from the air ambulance helipod. The children all had a turn sitting in the cockpit and looking at the dials and switches. The children have also been writing letters to the dinosaurs, singing dinosaur counting songs and have even made some amazing dinosaurs using the playdough. We have enjoyed playing our musical instruments. After playing and singing along with some of our favourite songs, we played quietly and loudly and explored the musical sounds on the interactive whiteboard. Phew ! What a busy week in Nursery. 

The children in Nursery have been busy hula hooping and finding lots of ways to play with a hoop. They have worked together to make dens and tents. The children have also been developing their exploration and investigation skills as we experimented dissolving  different substances in water.

This week in Nursery we have followed the children’s continued interest in boats. The children wanted to row their boats (cardboard boxes and washing baskets)  down the stream and we sang as we played. The story Mr Gumpy’s outing was perfect for our child led theme, especially as the story has lots of different animals in it. We retold the story in lots of different ways, from role playing outside in a great big boat made from crates to retelling the story in the water tray with boats and small world figures. We were scientists too as we explored floating and sinking. Firstly, as we tried to sink our boat in the tank and then as we looked at lots of different objects and tried to predict whether they would float or sink. 

We have had a great start to the new year in Nursery . The children had lots of fun exploring in the snow . We tried hard to catch a snowflake .


This week in Nursery has been jam packed with fun, magical moments, elf antics and the most perfect Christmas sing along. We have danced, met Trixi the elf and real reindeers, chatted to Father Christmas and carefully followed instructions to create our own Christingles to take home. What a fantastic Autumn term it has been in Nursery. 

We have had more magical moments in Nursery this week. Edward the elf has been busy leaving us messages, parcels and even staying up all night to make us a gingerbread house. He also made some smelly gingerbread playdough and left us cut out  gingerbread people so we could use the special pens to mark make. On Tuesday we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner. And if all that wasn’t enough, we have been singing our Christmas songs and dressing up as the characters in the  Christmas story all week.

We have had an exciting and magical start to December in Nursery. Edward the Elf has visited everyday, leaving letters and surprises each day in our Advent calendar. He has asked us to decorate the classroom. He gave us some figures from the nativity so we could  retell the First Christmas story and today he told us about our visit from Magic Chris and our special snack time treat. 

Our week in Nursery has been filled with lots of shapes.From making different shapes with the masking tape on the carpet, making arrangements with the loose parts, exploring and comparing the different  shapes as well as making collage pictures with shapes.

Children in Need 2021 

This week we have thought about kind words and kind hands as part of Odd Socks Day and Anti-bullying week . The children have been matching socks and trying to peg them on the washing line. Some children did some hand printing and discovered new colours when the colours mixed together.

The children in Nursery started the week sharing their experiences of fireworks and bonfires.They used a variety of resources to create firework pictures. Some children used the shiny shapes to make a rocket and some children used black paper, glitter and chalk.

On Thursday we joined the rest of our school community talking about Remembrance Day. The children had lots of questions and were thoughtful and respectful during the time of silence. All the children wanted to paint a poppy.

In the tough spot this week we have been exploring cornflour gloop. There was lots of opportunities for mixing and stirring as well as talking and noticing what was happening to the mixture. What a great week we have had in Nursery!


The children have had a busy start to the term. They have carried on noticing the changes in the seasons. On a walk up the big hill we found more evidence of Autumn as we spotted several beautiful fly agaric toadstools  🍄 . 

National Poetry Day 2021 Performance

Earlier in the term, the children celebrated National Poetry Day.  This year’s theme was ‘Choice’.  Each year group read a range of poems and chose their favourite to learn and perform to other year groups.  Please listen to our performance of  Boo! - we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed learning and performing it.

Nursery Poem - 'Boo!'

We have had another very busy week in Nursery. We have explored the different weather , from rainy days to windy days. We have played with lots of different shapes and made arrangements and pictures with them. The children have also enjoyed retelling their favourite nursery rhymes with the props, playing with numbers and quantities as well as lots of exploration with musical instruments and the sounds they make. The children have amazed us with how well they have settled in, we are super proud of them all !

The children in Nursery have been very observant and busy noticing the change in the seasons. Somebody noticed the leaves falling from trees outside our classroom and this provoked a big chat about Autumn. We all went on a wonderful walk looking for signs of Autumn and discovered so many clues in our school grounds, from beautiful colours of the changing leaves, mushrooms, acorns, crunchy leaves and of course more falling leaves. We also had lots of fun trying to catch the leaves as they fell. Following on from reading the story Leaf Man, we collected different leaves and turned them into fantastic Leaf people pictures . What a busy week it has been in Nursery.

The children in Nursery have been exploring the features of our new interactive whiteboard. They  have enjoyed drawing side by side, talking to each other about their marvellous mark making. The children have been very busy turning the big boxes the whiteboard came in into all sorts of amazing creations, from an Ice Cream shop to a dog kennel and a giant horse to a train with four carriages. 

The children in Nursery have been busy exploring and investigating different weather this week. A very windy day was perfect for watching our scarves fly away and chasing after them. The children have also made a hot chocolate shop, sung lots of number songs, played parachute games and have been matching with the pom poms.

It has been another busy week in Nursery. The children have enjoyed lots of small world play with the dinosaurs. Mr Bowen played nursery rhymes on his violin and trumpet for us. We enjoyed having a turn playing our own instruments inside and outside our classroom.

What a fantastic start to the school year in Nursery!

Key information for parents:

  • Nursery children are greeted at the wooden door by our Nursery cloakroom at 8.50am.
  • We open our door for collection at 3:00 pm (to help parents who are picking up children from other year groups).



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