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Writing Curriculum Design




It is our vision at Hugo Meynell that children will become confident writers who develop fluency and depth of understanding of a range of genres and can use grammar, punctuation and spelling skills to write with purpose. They will take pride in the presentation of their work and be able to transfer these writing skills across all subject areas.


Children will experience a range of quality and engaging texts that inspire and motivate both boys and girls to write. They will be exposed to rich vocabulary through different genres that will widen their imagination and stimulate them, allowing them to understand that writing has a real purpose and that word choice and style can bring about change.


We will encourage children to be resilient, resourceful learners who strive to succeed and take responsibility for their own learning; equipped with the skills they require to carefully select appropriate resources to support their learning. In particular, they will recognise the importance of the editing and redrafting process to improve their writing.




At Hugo Meynell, we have created a long-term Plan for writing that maps out different genres and text types in each year group.    To ensure progression, some writing skills are solely taught in certain year groups but these are reviewed and revisited through reading, science and topic.  Writing opportunities in other subject areas are also mapped out in Medium Term planning to ensure that writing skills are transferred in all subject areas.  Texts have been carefully chosen to link to, support and extend writing in topic areas. Grammar and Spelling coverage is also linked in, where possible, to text types. Planning for writing is continually reviewed and adapted to link with curriculum design.




There is a high expectation within the National Curriculum that children will learn many increasingly complex words. At Hugo Meynell, we use the No-Nonsense Spelling Scheme to teach spellings to ensure coverage and consistency of teaching across the school.  Children are given the opportunity to practise a range of strategies for learning spellings.   This enables children to choose the strategies they find most effective for learning different words.  We will be focusing on the teaching of spelling, which embraces knowledge of spelling conventions, patterns and rules; but integral to the teaching is the opportunity to promote the learning of spellings, including statutory words, common exceptions and personal spellings.  Once learned there is the expectation that these words will be spelled correctly in independent writing in all subjects.  Children have their own spelling journal to be used to support the learning of spellings.  These will enable children to take responsibility for their spelling learning.  They will be used to:


  • Practise strategies
  • Record rules and conventions
  • Refer to word lists and phonetic charts
  • ‘Have a go’ at the point of writing (write a word up to three times to see which one looks right, then choose that word to use in their writing)
  • Word investigations
  • Record personal spellings and targets




Children will leave Hugo Meynell as competent, confident and fluent writers.