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Year 2

 Friday 1st July

 This week Year 2 have been using the suffixes -er and-est to change adjectives in their descriptions of the woods that Red was walking through. In Science they have been looking at how humans change as they grow and deciding which animals hatch from eggs and which are born. In Maths, they enjoyed making 3D shapes and having a go at drawing 2D shapes. There was quite a challenge in our Design Technology taste test this week where the children tried different types of fruit and recorded what they thought about the texture and taste of each. They will be thinking about designing their own fruit salad to make next week. The children are excited about going up to Year 3 next Monday for their transition time with Miss Carter.

Friday 24th June

A busy, hot week in Year 2!  We have had some time in the computing suite learning all about spreadsheets.  We can now colour and number cells, use copy, paste, save and exit and have had some fun making magic counting machines!  In Maths, we have been investigating sides and vertices of 2-D shapes; do you think 2-D shapes have the same number of sides as vertices?  We also enjoyed making our own 2-D shapes using lolly stick sides and blu tac vertices. We have continued to use our class text, The Last Wolf as inspiration for our writing and this week, we wrote as if we were Little Red going in search of the Last Wolf; we used apostrophes for contractions, verbs and adverbs. In history, we have been learning about important nurses from the past and learnt about the life of Mary Seacole, recalling facts about Florence Nightengale too.

What time is it Mr Wolf?

Jenga fun!

Pentecost Party

Friday 10th June 2022

Wow, what a great first week back!  We started the week with an Art day and then followed our Jubilee celebrations. The children looked resplendent in their red, white and blue and very regal for their photos with the Queen!  We designed a new hat for the Queen and enjoyed a 'street party' style picnic with the rest of the school. Thursday was another special day as it was our Pentecost party.  We learnt the story of the Pentecost as told by our very own 'Open the Book' team and then we took part in workshops to produce something to represent the Pentecost.  These workshops included, singing, dancing, art, clay and drama.  At the end of the day, the whole school got together to showcase the outcomes of the workshops before a rousing rendition of 'Shine Jesus Shine' complete with confetti cannons!  There was much excitement at playtime as we have been lucky enough to have been gifted some new outdoor games from the PTFA,  giant jenga has been very popular so thank you to the PTFA. Alongside all this, the children have been learning to tell the time in Maths, writing a diary and using conjunctions 'so that' and 'if that' in English and learning about significant people is History; the children have impressed us with their research about the NHS and famous nurses of the past.


Friday 20th May 2022

It's been another busy week and the children have made us very proud with their positive attitudes towards their learning and assessments.  There has been much excitement in class as our cress seeds have started to grow.  Everyday starts with an eagerness to see how much they have grown and to also check if our beans are sprouting.  We have started an experiment to see which are the best conditions for growing seeds and have even put some in the dark cupboard to see how they get on!  We enjoyed getting out for our last cricket session and got a chance to put our batting, throwing and catching skills to the test in some mini games of cricket.  In Maths, we have continued to work on our number knowledge and used this to solve problems.  We have been looking at suffixes, prefixes and verbs in English as well as writing another diary entry focusing on writing in the first person and in the past tense.  In spellings we have been getting to grips with when and where to add apostrophes for possession or contraction; it's been tricky but we're getting there!

Friday 13th May

In Maths this week we have been investigating unit and non-unit fractions and solving problems that involve fractions. The children have also been practising their arithmetic skills every day.  In English they have been writing a diary in first person, choosing a personal experience to write about. Many chose to write about playing a football match or something special that they remember doing in the holidays.  In spelling they have been practising some more common exception words and adding these to their spelling journals.   In Science the children have been discussing what they know about plants and they have planted some cress seeds and some broad beans so that they can observe the changes as they grow.  They will be keeping a bean diary over the next couple of weeks.

It’s all about you!

Still image for this video
Join us for a rehearsal of Nettie’s leaving song, ‘It’s all about you’.
The children did us proud for the actual performance and brought a tear to Nettie’s eye!

Friday 6th May

Finally, it looks like it is warming up a bit which meant we had to take our jumpers off during cricket this week!  The children practised the correct way to hold a bat and had a go at batting a ball off of a cone.  They also learnt some valuable teamwork skills as well as practising throwing and catching when fielding. RE got very philosophical this week as the children considered the questions 'what is God?' and 'what is God like?' which raised some very thought-provoking discussions. In Maths, we have  been reviewing the properties of 2-d and 3-d shapes as well as finding fractions of amounts.  We have started to write a diary recount in English as if we were Major Glad or Major Dizzy under the floorboards during the Blitz.  

Friday 29th April

The children have settled very quickly back into our school routines and it has been lovely hearing about all the things that they have been up to over the Easter holidays.    In Maths, they have been recognising and finding a quarter of shapes and numbers and solving problems that involve fractions. In English, they have been writing a description of what it was like for the toys when they became stuck under the floorboards in our class text, Major Glad, Major Dizzy. They have been using known conjunctions and adding 'so that' to some of their sentences.  They have been looking at some difficult spelling rules this week where sounds change after w or qu in words like warm, want and squash.   The children really enjoyed learning cricket skills in the 'Chance to Shine' cricket session.

Easter Egg Heads

Friday 8th April

This week started with much excitement with the arrival into school of everyone’s Science homework habitats. We spent a great afternoon where the children presented their habitats to the rest of the class. We were blown away by the knowledge and creativity on display.  This creativity continued in RE where the children designed and made their own ‘egg heads.’  In English, the children have enjoyed a bit more of the class text ‘Major Glad, Major Dizzy’ and they have been writing sentences in both the past and present tense to describe the character of Amelia. In Maths, we have been recognising and finding halves.  Alongside this, we have been practising our arithmetic skills and investigating different methods and strategies.  We have rounded off our ‘African Adventure’ by finding out about schools in Mugurameno and, of course, a rousing rendition of the ‘Zambezi’ song!  All in all, it’s been a very busy but successful term and we are proud of all the children. 

  Friday 1st April 2022

In Science this week the children have been learning about how different animals are suited to their habitats and how they have adapted to them.  They looked at two very different animals (Camel and Polar Bear) and investigated the differences and similarities between them and the habitats that they lived in.  They are excited about bringing their Science projects in next week and showing off what they have learned about different habitats. In Maths they have been dividing by 5 and 10 and solving division and multiplication problems. This knowledge will help them as they now start the next unit on fractions.  In English they have started to look at our new text, 'Major Glad, Major Dizzy', which is all about toys in a story set in the past.  They enjoyed looking at some toys that Mrs Bateman played with when she was young and guessing how old a range of teddies might be. 

Friday 25th March

Alongside our assessments this week we have been continuing with our usual learning too.  The children thoroughly enjoyed demonstrating some great team work in Science this week.  They were split into four teams and asked to research information about plants and animals in the ocean, polar regions, rain forest or desert areas.  Then, they were asked to feedback to the rest of the class. They are loving our 'African Adventure' as we continue to compare Mugurameno (Zambia) to Loggerheads in Geography.  We were astonished to discover how the people of Mugurameno have to protect themselves, their animals and their crops against wild animals.  We'd only ever thought of eating chillies before and not using them to deter elephants from our property!  Don't forget to ask us what the river is called and be prepared for a very catchy song about it!









  18th March 2022

It has been Poetry Week, Science Week and Comic Relief at school this week so there have been lots of activities going on.   For Poetry Week, the children have learnt by heart the poem 'Night Sounds' and enjoyed performing it throughout the week.  They have also written their own poems about what they could hear at night using good verb choices.    For Science week, the children have been exploring whether Mars would be a good habitat for living things and recapping on what they have learnt about habitats and learning some new facts about the planet Mars.   In Maths, they have been dividing by sharing and starting to use the division sign in calculations.  In Spelling they have looked at some more common exception words and enjoyed playing Spell Cat to recognise some of the words.

Comic Relief heroes!

‘Night Sounds’ recited and performed by Year 2

Still image for this video

Friday 11th March

This week started with a walk around the school grounds where the children made some very careful observations and recordings of micro-habitats. The children have been learning the poem, Night Sounds,  to perform with actions and have looked a similar poems where they have asked very thought provoking questions about the imagery and language. In Maths, we have been investigating the 10 times table and sharing objects into groups ready to learn all about division next week.  We have also been using positional language and enjoyed using our rulers to measure classroom objects in centimetres.  We have played some games in Phonics and Spelling and had fun trying to find our pair to make words ending in -tion. In RE, we are learning about the Easter story (not long now) and have been creating a comic strip of the Last Supper and Good Friday.

Investigating Micro Habitats

   Friday 4th March

The children have settled back into our school routines quickly this week and much learning has taken place.  In English, the children have finished writing and editing their adventure stories based around our class text.  They have also been using the conjunctions and, so, and but to complete sentences.   In Spelling they have been investigating using the suffix -ly and in handwriting joining dg and ng.  In Maths they have been practising using arrays, writing multiplication sentences and solving problems involving multiplication.  In Science, they have been looking at different types of habitats and identifying the different types of plants and animals that live in them.  As well as taking part in a whole host of activities to celebrate World Book Day, we also managed to plant some tulip bulbs in our outside area.  The children are excited about seeing them come up and flower in late spring.


World Book Day, our amazing collection of words!

Friday 18th February

We can't quite believe that's another half term completed!  This week, we have started to write our own adventure stories based on the 'Dragon Machine' and the children have impressed us with their exclamation sentences. We have been making, counting and adding equal groups in Maths, ready for some more formal multiplication after the half term break. The competition for spotting o'clocks and half pasts has continued; who knew there were so many in just one school day? We wrote some positivity potions in PSHE and added things like 'a spoonful of happiness, a sprinkle of friends and a cupful of family.' In Computing, we had a lot of fun creating pictures in the style of Piet Mondrian, using lines, bright colours and the 'fill' tool; we are very proud of our masterpieces and are looking forward to displaying them.  We have started a new Geography topic, 'African Adventure' and were able to locate Africa and Zambia on a map.  We're excited to find out more about Zambia and the village of Mugurameno next half term.

  Friday 11th February 

We have been reaching for the stars this week. During Mental Health Week we have listened to the story of The Ugly Duckling and thought about how the character has grown emotionally. The children then wrote down some of the things that they are able to do now that they couldn’t do before. They also thought about some of the things they would like to achieve in the future and wrote them on some stars. On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day and they followed the story of Detective Digiduck who was having some problems finding out information on the Internet, with the help of a very wise owl he was able to find a solution. The children wrote some lovely letters to Wise Owl telling her what they had learned. In Art, this week we were looking at the artist Henri Matisse, in particular his collage work. The children had a go at cutting out shapes without drawing them first just like Matisse did. This is quite tricky!

Mental Health Week

Number fun on Number Day

Friday 4th February


Well, this week seems to have been all about numbers and Maths. We had fun on 2-2-22 investigating the number 2 and the 2 times table. Today, we have all embraced Number Day with an amazing array of outfits! We have spent the day helping Snow White prepare for a tea party by adding her cupcakes, making a tally chart of what she needs and choosing the right amount of money to pay for all her party food. We have also taken part in a 60 second activity challenge to earn points for our team. And this afternoon, we heard the story of zero which inspired us to create our own number characters. We have all agreed that it was a fab day and it should be Number Day everyday!

  Friday 28th January

What a super busy week it has been! On Monday we had a visit from the Air Ambulance with their helipod. The children found out all about this service and had a chance to sit in it and press lots of buttons. On Tuesday we had some visiting artists in our classroom who helped the children to produce some super artwork for the Calendar competition. In English they have been learning about the four different types of sentences and practising using these in a letter that they wrote to Mrs Gleave telling her about the chaos that the dragons have been causing in our classroom. In Maths the children have been identifying different coins and notes and adding amounts of money. In spelling they have looked at contractions and practised writing them. 


Helipod and Calendar Art

Friday 21st January

Another packed week for Year 2.  We started the week with some amazing hula hooping tricks; who knew that Year 2 were such a talented bunch!  There was also an exciting discovery of dinosaur eggs in the classroom to accompany the introduction of our new text, 'The Dragon Machine'.  We have been finding out about the cheeky things that dragons get up to and writing sentences to describe them using the conjunctions 'because' and 'when'.  In Computing we have continued to learn about online safety and have been considering our digital footprint this week and discussing what is safe/unsafe to share about ourselves online.  Money has become the focus  of our Maths lessons and we have been recapping the value of coins and notes, making different amounts of money and comparing different amounts of money.  We have enjoyed learning about the history of flight especially the footage of some early attempts to fly!

Hula Hooping

Glockenspiels and internet safety.

Friday 7th January 2022

We are pleased to report that the children have returned to school refreshed and more than ready to resume their learning after the Christmas break. This week, we have enjoyed playing some notes on the glockenspiels in Music and learning how to use the internet safely in Computing. In PE we have been focussing on ball skills giving us a chance to run off some excess energy. Maths has been quite tricky but the children have risen to the challenge of adding two 2-digit numbers crossing the tens boundary. We have used lots of practical resources to help us exchange ones for tens. In English, we have continued to build sentences for our factual report about owls and have written sentences using conjunctions.

  Friday 17th December

What a festive week it has been.  The children have been making Christingles and learning about what they represent in their guided reading.  We have had some special visitors into school this week, two reindeer called Vixen and Tinks who behaved very well whilst the children asked questions about them. They have found out many facts about them such as why they have extra wide hooves and that they loose their antlers every year.  We have also been making vehicles in Design Technology in which all children succeeded in creating a vehicle with a chassis, axles and working wheels before adding their own special touches. We have finished the week off with a class Christmas party.  Merry Christmas to you all.  
















Christmas card making and festive jumpers

Friday 10th December

Well, we hope you are all as proud as we are after the children’s performance in the Wriggly Nativity! All the hard work has paid off and they were brilliant, all the lines, singing, dancing, acting and bowing (!) were fantastic.  Thank you, once again, for your support and help with lines and costumes and it was lovely to be able to see some of you in the audience. We’re sure you’ll be feeling festive now. 

The children have also been working hard this week, no wonder they are tired!  They have been solving problems in Maths relating to groups of numbers on the theme of ‘keeping warm.’  In English the children have enjoyed learning facts about owls and sorting these facts into subheadings ahead of writing a non-chronological report. The children have continued to learn the story of the first Christmas in R.E. We have also been making Christmas cards and enjoying eating our Christmas dinner. More Christmas fun to come next week!

The Wriggly Nativity

   Friday 3rd December

The children were very quick to notice that the Christmas decorations had gone up in the classroom and all around the school which has definitely put them in a festive mood this week. It is lovely that there has been so much excitement and enthusiasm about getting ready for their Nativity performance next week, they have been trying on their costumes and busting into song at every opportunity.  There has also been a lot of learning going on this week. In writing, they have been using adverbs to describe an owl's flight and also writing facts that they have learnt about owls over the past few weeks and from the texts that they have read in guided reading.  In Maths, they have continued to add 2 digit numbers using their knowledge to solve problems.  In gymnastics they have been learning some travelling movements and have added these to their sequences with the core shapes that they have already practised.  


Friday 26th November 2021

We have been super pleased with the children this week as they have been completing assessments in Reading, Phonics and Maths alongside their usual lessons.  In Maths, we have been adding two 2-digit numbers and getting to grips with the tricky column method of addition. The children have been excited by the introduction of their new class text, 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark'.  They have been finding out about owls, retelling the story of Owl babies, making predictions, writing adjectives to describe the character, Plop, and choosing adverbs to describe owls in flight; it's been a 'hoot'!  Spellings this week have been all about adding the suffixes -er, -est and -y to words ending in 'e' and the children have enjoyed the games we play to reinforce these patterns.  Reading skills have been taught in class and group sessions, focusing on phonic patterns, word recognition, information retrieval and some inference. Rehearsals for our upcoming nativity continue most days and we have been impressed by the way the children are learning their lines and delivering them loudly and clearly; so, thank you to those of you that are helping at home with these.   

Friday 19th November

What a busy week it has been! The children have taken part in activities for Anti Bullying week including wearing odd socks on Monday and designing their own odd socks. They have also enjoyed learning the words to the ‘One kind word song’ as well as practising our Nativity songs. In Gymnastics this week the children have been recapping on core shapes and have started to choose some of these to put into a sequence. They are developing their control and ability to work with a partner to perform a sequence. In Maths, they have been subtracting a one-digit number from a two-digit number crossing ten and solving subtraction problems. They have also been investigating spelling rules when adding er and est to adjectives. 

Friday 12th November 

This week has seen us focusing on remembering and reflecting; the children learnt all about remembrance and had some thoughtful  contributions to make in class and during our remembrance day worship.  Some children could recall seeing the remembrance garden in Loggerheads and those that couldn't were going to look for it on the way home on Thursday.  Maths this week has been all about addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers, the children have looked for patterns, doubles, bonds to 10 and near bonds to 10 as different strategies to help them.  They have also solved problems using reasoning and mathematical vocabulary.  We have seen some super stories this week featuring contrasting characters based around the story 'Troll Swap'.  The children have used expanded noun phrases and conjunctions to improve the maturity of their writing and have had a go at editing their work to include more adjectives, correcting spellings and making sure all their full stops and capital letters are in the right places.  Rehearsals for our up-coming nativity are now in full swing (I'm sure you've been treated to a sneak preview of some of the songs!), cast lists, costume requests, lines and lyrics to learn will all be sent home shortly.


  Friday 5th November

 The Year 2 children have settled quickly back into classroom life and the week has really flown by.  In English, they have been creating characters and planning a story about a troll.  They are really doing well building up their stamina for writing and always enjoy our Free Write which this week was to retell the story of 'The Lion and the Mouse'.  The children did well in remembering the Year 2 words that we were learning last half term in spelling and have started learning another set of words starting by talking about what they think is the tricky bit in each word. In Maths, they have been adding and subtracting ten and making ten to add. They have also been reasoning and explaining for addition and subtraction problems. The children started to feel a bit festive this week when they rehearsed some Christmas songs in hymn practise. 

National Poetry Day 2021 - On the Ning Nang Nong

Earlier in the term, the children celebrated National Poetry Day.  This year’s theme was ‘Choice’.  Each year group read a range of poems and chose their favourite to learn and perform to other year groups.  Please watch our performance of 'On the Ning Nang Nong' - we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed learning and performing it.

Watch us in action...

Still image for this video
A poem performed by Year 2.

Friday 22nd October 2021

As we come to the end of a really busy half term, the children should be congratulated on all their hard work so far. They have settled in quickly and are showing progress already. We’ve been recapping what makes a sentence, this week, and identifying nouns and adjectives.  In Computing, we have been using free code to create our own scenes to make objects move and we have been using the ‘repeat’ command to help write code to draw shapes.  In Maths, we have been investigating patterns when finding ten more and ten less.  One of our proudest moments has been learning a poem by heart, ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ and then performing it in assembly complete with actions, you may have heard us practising. As promised, a recording of it will be added to this page for your enjoyment, we know you’ll be joining in too! 


Friday 15th October

Year 2 have been busy in Art using their drawing skills to create texture by using patterns on a troll picture. They have also been looking at artists who use tone in their work and giving opinions about them. In English they have been looking at spelling patterns and exploring what happens when they add -ed and -ing to words. In Maths, they have been comparing number sentences and solving problems with missing numbers.  There have been some super scientists in Year 2 this week when we investigated how some materials change shape when they are stretched, bent, twisted and squashed.  

Friday 8th October 2021


That's another whirlwind of a week done in Year 2!  This week we have particularly enjoyed performing and singing in Music, we have accompanied South African songs on the glockenspiels.  In Geography, we have impressed Mrs Hibbert with all that we can recall about the countries and capital cities of the UK.  We have also been looking at map symbols and have come up with some of our own to represent school, takeaway and the Co-op!  We have started a new block of learning in Maths, addition and subtraction, and have been looking at fact families as well as investigating number bonds to 20. In English, we have written letters to Tabitha from her parents and have tried to include noun phrases and conjunctions.  It's been great to see all the children looking sunny and bright in their yellow today; we have taken time breathe as well as dance! We have also designed our very own super hero, bearing World Mental Health week in mind, with traits that would make him/her somebody that would make us feel better if we need to.  Thursday was National Poetry day, we have chosen a poem we would like to perform and have been busy learning it and thinking of some actions, keep your eyes peeled on the class pages for a video of our performance.


Friday 1st October 2021

This week Year 2 have been writing a letter to one of the characters in their story 'Troll Swap' complaining about how Tabitha has such bad manners. They have enjoyed finding out about all her bad habits!  In spelling lessons this week they have been investigating what happens to verbs when you add -ed and -ing.  In Maths, they have been comparing numbers using mathematical symbols and working out problems that involve comparing two or more numbers. We managed to avoid the rain at the beginning of the week to go on a Science walk around the school grounds to make observations of how materials had been used to make objects around the school. 

Friday 24th September - Year 2 Church visit

Another busy week for Year 2.  We have continued to enjoy our class text, 'Troll Swop' and have used it to write sentences about Tabitha comparing her to other children.  We have also retold the story of 'The Troll' by Julia Donaldson and have tried to extend our sentences by using words like 'because.' We have started coding in Computing and have had to debug some broken code this week to make planes take off. We are beginning to compare numbers in Maths and use different representations of 2-digit numbers.  We had a great visit to the church on Thursday where we learnt all about baptism and got a chance to dress up as the guests at a Christening and even got to baptise a 'baby'! We had an explore of the church, sang some rousing editions of 'Sing Hosana' and 'He's got the whole world' and made some recreations of stained glass windows.  The bus driver complimented us on our excitement and our impeccable manners; very proud teachers!

Friday 17th September 2021

The children have settled really well into life in Year 2 and have been working hard this week.   They have been recapping on letter formation for the lower case letters in handwriting and practising finding words in a text in Guided Reading.  They have started reading our new class book, Troll Swap, and have had a go at making predictions about the characters. They enjoyed writing instructions for 'How to be a Troll' in their writing lessons this week.  In Maths, they have been comparing numbers using mathematical vocabulary and writing numbers in words.  In Art the children have been experimenting with sketching and colouring pencils to create different tones.  What a busy week it has been!  Well done Year 2!

Welcome to Year 2.


Key information for parents:

  • Year 2 children come into school at 8.40am and enter school through their classroom door at the back of school.
  • Year 2 leave school at 3.05 pm through the same door.
  • PE takes place on Wednesday and children should come to school in their PE kit on this day.
  • Reading books are usually changed on Tuesday and Thursdays.


Mrs Bateman, Mrs Hibbert and Mrs Lakin look forward to seeing you in Year 2.


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