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Special Dietary Requirements & Allergies

Primary Schools Allergen Management Process

Midshire Signature Services operate an Allergen Management Process (detailed below) which is designed to manage allergen risk. Midshire Signature Services is not in a position to guarantee a completely allergen free environment, but rather to minimise the risk of exposure and encourage self-responsibility.

Pupil information
Parents/carers should complete the Pupil Modified Meal form detailing any special dietary requirements. Parents/carers should ensure that the school are notified of any subsequent changes. The school provide details of any special dietary requirements to Midshire Signature Services and notify of any changes.

The use of nuts
Nuts are not used as an ingredient within dishes and nuts are not permitted within the kitchen.


Cross contamination
Although care is taken to avoid cross contamination through a range of operational practices, it cannot be completely avoided, so it is important that pupils and parents are aware of any potential risks. Cross contamination risk is communicated in the Midshire Signature Services Allergy Policy.


Kitchen practices
The following practices are implemented as part of the Allergen Management Process.

  • The catering team have a printed file detailing pupils with allergies and intolerances, along with photos
  • Details of pupils with allergies and intolerances are displayed in the kitchen
  • All dishes which are produced in-house are from standard ‘approved’ suppliers
  • Where allergenic ingredients are packaged openly/loosely, they are stored separately to reduce the risk of contamination
  • Free from foods and ingredients are stored separately and above other foods to reduce possible cross contamination
  • Equipment/utensils used in preparation of food for pupils with a food allergy are cleaned according to standard procedures (see HACCP manual)
  • Preparation areas are sanitised and cleaned before and after they are used to prepare food
  • Separate identifiable chopping boards are used in the preparation of food for pupils with a food allergy
  • Different coloured utensils are used during preparation and services for each type of dish for pupils with a food allergy
  • When cooking food for pupils with a food allergy or intolerance, the catering staff will wash their hands before, during and after the food preparation tasks
  • Catering staff will solely complete each modified meal prior to undertaking any other kitchen duties.
  • All food produced for pupils with a food allergy is to be placed away from other food and covered in cling film, clearly marked with pupils’ diet


Midshire Signature Services Allergy Policy

It is the policy of Midshire to support pupils to eat safe and suitable meals, in line with any allergies and intolerances. Midshire cannot guarantee a completely allergen free environment, but rather aims to minimise the risk of exposure and encourage self-responsibility.


Midshire operate to our School Allergen Management Process. This process includes the following:

  • Parents provide details of allergies and intolerances on the medical form
  • Parents must ensure they keep the school up to date with any changes to the pupils’ allergies and intolerances
  • The school provide Midshire with details of changes to pupils’ dietary requirements
  • Midshire does not permit the use of nuts as an ingredient.
  • The catering team implement a range of operational practices to reduce cross contamination, however, cross contamination risk cannot be completely avoided
  • Information on pupils’ dietary requirements and daily suitable options are displayed in the kitchen
  • Ordering, delivery, storage, hygiene, preparation and serving practices are in place to manage allergen risk




Allergy Notification Form


If your child has an allergy, please complete the pupil modified meal form and forward this to Midshire Signature Services at:

Allergy Information - food sharing


There are a number of children with food related allergies. As a result, to reduce the risk of any reactions, we ask that children do not share any snacks or packed lunch items that they bring into school.