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History Curriculum Design




The majority of our children join KS1 with a natural curiosity about the world around them.  Explicit history skills and knowledge is generally based upon their life experience rather than explicit learning, for example, an awareness of the recent past.  The core of our curriculum is the National Curriculum, which we have then developed to meet the needs of children in our context. We want to teach history skills in a systematic way so that children gain an understanding in a logical sequence, for example, we teach our topics in a logical chronological sequence so that children’s understanding of chronology is developed as they move through the school.




We follow the National Curriculum as the core of our History teaching.  We have developed our own history curriculum as we have not found a commercial one that we consider fit for purpose in our school. Our curriculum development began with articulating the intent and implementation of our curriculum, i.e. what we want children to know and be able to do and how we make this happen.  We then created our progression map by looking at the statutory national curriculum and identifying the four key areas that we use as our headings to teach skills and knowledge within our subject progression map.  The progression map enables all teachers to know what prior knowledge children have and what end points are the target. We select topics in a purposeful way to ensure that the identified skills and knowledge are embedded in our teaching. Our medium term planning has been created through a series of knowledge organisers and topic maps, which we share with parents and children.


The key areas of assessment of History are the four key areas of our progression map.  Teachers assess against the skills through formative assessment during the year. Assessment is also used to further develop the curriculum.




We want children to have gained enjoyment of history and to be excited and motivated to learn about Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We hope that we have developed their curiosity to learn more as they continue to develop their history skills and knowledge as they move to KS3.