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Year 6

Friday 20th January 2022

Year 6 have worked incredibly hard once again this week and have cracked some really tricky concepts in their Maths lessons. They have worked to improve their arithmetic strategies and have improved their fluency when multiplying fractions, by either an integer or another fraction. 

In English, Year 6 have have produced some fabulous writing as we near the end of our class story, Star of Fear, Star of Hope. They have managed to empathise with the main character and have written both a letter and a diary extract from her perspective. There was some great examples of the children using and applying the grammatical concepts we have been learning about this half term, including parentheses, cohesion, the passive tense and expanded noun phrases.

In the afternoons, the children have practised their hula hooping skills during PE and located and explored the regions and cities of the United Kingdom in Geography. They were also visited by a group of artists and created a painting based on the theme of January, which will be entered into a competition. I really don't envy those with the job of choosing the winners - they were all fantastic!

Friday, 14th January, 2022

In Maths this week, Year 6 have been working on adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. They've also been solving some tricky multi step problems and honing their arithmetic skills.

In English, the children have learned about how to identify the object and subject in a sentence and have used this to begin to write identify and write their own active and passive sentences. They have investigated spelling rules for homophones and drafted a key scene from our class reader, Star of Fear, Star of Hope. They all worked really hard to improve their writing too, by editing and proof reading their work.

In Science, the children planned and carried out experiments to discover whether the length of the wires in a circuit would affect how well the other components worked and in Geography, they explored the United Kingdom's physical and human features, using an atlas. 

Friday, 7th January, 2022

It has been lovely to welcome all of our Year 6 children back after the Christmas break. They are all refreshed and ready to face the learning challenges awaiting in the Spring term. Over the past few days, they've tackled comparing and ordering fractions by finding a common denominator, evaluated the wooden structures they made in DT last term (photographs to follow) and refreshed their knowledge of how to punctuate parenthesis in their writing. They've also investigated spelling rules for near homophones, using our brand new school dictionaries. We can't wait to find out what we can achieve during the rest of this term!

Friday 10th December, 2021

In our penultimate week of the Winter term, Year 6 have been very busy completing their work on our World War Two topic. They have investigated and compared Anderson and Morrison shelters, and used their research to help design their own Morrison shelters. They have begun work on their DT topic by using their designs to create a shelter frame, using wood and a range of joining, strengthening and stabilising methods. They have worked extremely sensibly to measure and cut their wood accurately, using saws and clamps.

In PSHE, the children have learned about how to keep themselves healthy as they reach puberty and have created leaflets to help keep others safe and healthy too. In gymnastics, the children practised various roles and added them to their final performance of their group sequences. They have made superb progress in their gymnastic abilities this half term.

In Maths and English, Year 6 have been addressing misconceptions from last week's assessment papers, including recapping plural spellings and reasoning with multi step word problems. They have also been working on how to place fractions on number lines. 

Friday 3rd December 2021

Year 6 have worked incredibly hard this week to complete their assessments to the very best of their abilities. We are very proud of their superb attitude to learning ; they are a real credit to Hugo.

In the afternoons, the children have continued with their PSHE topic about puberty and in History, they have explored the use of propaganda by the German and British Governments during the war. In Science, they have practised drawing electrical circuits, using scientific symbols.

Friday 26th November, 2021

Year 6 have tackled their new maths topic, fractions, with great enthusiasm this week. They have recapped unit and non unit fractions, found equivalent fractions, simplified and started to convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions. I have been very impressed with how they've approached some quite tough reasoning and problem solving too.

In English, Year 6 have written diary extracts in the role of characters at key points from our class story, Star of Fear, Star of Hope. They have practised using commas for different purposes in their writing and also started to learn about active and passive sentences.

In the afternoons, they have continued to impress with their gymnastic skills, honing their sequences and practising different jumping techniques. In Science, Year 6 learned about the impact of the invention of electricity on modern life and researched the contributions of several significant scientists, including Michael Farraday. In PSHE, the children explored the changes that happen to boys and girls during puberty and how they might be affected emotionally by these changes. They wrote some very insightful and mature responses to problem page letters written by young children, struggling with emotional changes during puberty.





Friday 19th November, 2021

Year 6 have worked really hard this week to spread the message of One Kind Word in support of this year's Anti-bullying Week.

They took part in a live lesson and role played various situations, giving advice to each other on how to deal with the issue of bullying. They had fun designing their own pair of odd socks, to represent how our differences should be accepted and celebrated by others. They also designed some very thought provoking posters, to display around the school to encourage the younger members of our school community to spread a little kindness too.

In Maths, Year 6 have completed their calculations topic by tackling a new concept - BODMAS. They worked hard to get their heads around the order of calculations and are fully prepared to begin their new fractions and decimals topic unit, next week. In English, the children have explored the feelings of characters in our class text, Star of Fear, Star of Hope, investigating how the author creates a sense of fear and foreboding through clever language choices.

We have also started to share our WW2 topic work and the children are really enjoying sharing all that amazingly creative ways their friends have presented their research. Well done Year 6!

Anti Bullying Week

Henry Moore Art

Friday 12th November

In Maths Year 6 have been exploring number, focusing on factors, multiples and primes in particular. They have learned about the rules of divisibility to help them identify prime and composite numbers and found common factors and multiples. They have demonstrated some excellent reasoning and problem solving skills and enjoyed investigating with number.

In English, the children have been learning about phrases and have identified expanded noun phrases using adjectives and prepositional phrases. They even had a go at writing some of their own, ready to start applying them in their own writing next week. They also wrote some fantastic reports about life on the Home Front as a follow up to their History lesson this week. As Historians, they investigated how Britain was able to stand firm against the German threat during World War Two, using the Chrome books to research an aspect of the Home Front, before presenting back to the rest of the class.

In Science, Year 6 started their new topic, Electricity, and completed a quiz to find out about how much they remembered from their Science lessons in Year 4.

A number of the children also took part in our Remembrance assembly, where they showed off some of their fantastic work completed as part of the homework project set last term.

Friday 5th November, 2021

It's been a super first week back for Year 6, who have thrown themselves back into their learning with enthusiasm this half term.

In Maths, we have worked hard to crack the long division method and have practised writing remainders as fractions and decimals.

In English, we have started our new class text, Star of Fear, Star of Hope - a short story about a young girl's experience of living in France during the Nazi occupation. This term ,we will be exploring ways to improve our story writing, starting with using dialogue to advance the action and to appeal to the reader. 

During the afternoons, we have started our final piece of artwork in our Henry Moore topic - photos will be uploaded of our finished masterpieces. We think you'll be very impressed with our artistic skills! We have also completed our topic on Light, by investigating how shadows change size and shape.


Friday, 22nd October, 2021

In  Maths this week, we have moved onto recapping the short division method and learned about remainders, including how to represent them as fractions. As usual, there has been lots of problem solving and reasoning involved!

In English, we explored the point of view of the main character in our book, The Paper Bag Prince and took part in the drama activity, Conscience Alley, with enthusiasm.  We then wrote persuasive letters to the council in character, working hard to show off everything we've learned this half term about cohesion, precise language choices and persuasive devices. We've also had lots of editing and proofreading practice this week, looking particularly for spelling and punctuation errors. We have a class of budding teachers on our hands in Year 6!

During our afternoon lessons, we have explored Newton's Colour Theory and investigated how to create a spectrum of colour, using prisms and torches. In Art, we have practised our sketching skills, by drawing the human form in different positions. As historians, we improved the BBC ' Eric the Evacuee' animation by adding our own information to create a more balanced  perspective of what the evacuee experience was like. 

What a fantastic first half term the children have had! They've worked hard to show that they are more than up to the challenges of Year 6 and we're very excited to see what they will achieve in the coming months.



Friday, 15th October, 2021

Year 6 have worked incredibly hard once again this week and have completed some fabulous writing assessments, which showed off all they have learned this half term in their English lessons. We have been really proud of them all.  In Maths, the children have revisited using the formal written method for multiplication and completed some quite challenging reasoning and problem solving activities. They have also worked with Mrs Gleave to recap classifying of 3D shapes and investigated nets. In Science, they had lots of fun carrying out experiments to prove how light is refracted when it travels through different mediums. In Art, we continued to improve our sketching skills by exploring how to create shade and texture in our drawings, using different techniques. During our History lesson this week, the children used various sources to find out about the experiences of a range of evacuees during the war. Using their history skills, they were able to consider and question the reliability of photographic evidence, which suggested that the evacuee experience was overwhelmingly positive for most children. During our enquiry we found out that many children had miserable experiences during evacuation and this led us to think about about the Government's use of propaganda to uphold public morale during the war. We have some budding historians on our hands in Year 6!

Thursday 7th October, 2021

Year 6 had a very thought provoking trip to the National Memorial Arboretum on Tuesday. They were shown around the site and explored the many memorials on display, including a sculpture dedicated to the evacuees of World War Two. They also learned about the Bevin Boys, who worked in dangerous jobs as coal miners during the War. In the afternoon, they took part in a workshop, where they were asked to be detectives in order to find out about the lives of several different evacuee children. Our guide was very impressed with Year 6's reasoning and problem solving skills! The children were impeccably behaved and very much enjoyed their World War Two experience.

We also took part in a Remembrance Service to honour all those who have served and continue to serve our country.

Back in school, the children used what they learned at the Arboretum to write some fabulous diary extracts from the point of view of evacuated children.


The National Memorial Arboretum

Friday 1st October, 2021


Year 6 have had another busy week. In Maths, we've been learning about how to find the value of various intervals on different number lines. We've also moved onto our second topic, in which we will cover mental and formal methods of calculating with all 4 operations. The children got off to a flying start by recapping the column addition method and completing lots of challenging reasoning and problem solving activities, including missing number puzzles, which they loved! Column subtraction here we come!

In English, the children have planned and drafted some fabulously persuasive letters, asking the local council to improve the situation for residents living near to the Poison Pool in our book, The Paperbag Prince. They've explored the use of informal and formal language and various persuasive devices. They have also been working on their punctuation skills by proof reading and editing.

In Science, the children investigated and proved the Law of Reflection, using torches and protractors to measure the incident and reflected rays in diagrams they drew. They also learned about how periscopes work by reflecting light from an object, to mirrors and into the eye.

Year 6 also started their Art topic by learning all about the artist, Henry Moore and how his work was influenced by the Second World War. The children explored his work and recorded their own responses to his drawings and sculptures in their sketch books.

Year 6 have had a fabulous week and have especially enjoyed learning about the build up to World War Two in our history lessons.

They had a great debate about whether Chamberlain's policy of appeasement towards Hitler's Germany was the best action to take during the 1930s. The children came to different conclusions, but were able to justify their reasoning and thoughts. We're all very much looking forward to our upcoming trip to the Arboretum.

In English, the children's writing has been progressing brilliantly and they're making sure that they have used cohesion to make their paragraphs flow. The children's writing is beginning to have a real 'Year 6' feel to it, with the use of subordinating conjunctions and adverbial phrases. They have also explored the use of modal verbs to show possibility and certainty in their writing.

In Maths, we've come to the end of our unit on place value, by learning about negative numbers in context. Every day, the children have been taking part in a times tables challenge and have made super progress in both their accuracy and speed.

On Wednesday, we visited the church, where we explore the building and learned about baptism. The children worked hard, listened well and behaved impeccably. A great day was had by all!

Welcome to Year 6


Key information for parents:

  • Year 6 children are collected from the playground at 8.50am and enter school through the door near the cloakroom at the back of school.
  • Year 6 leave school at 3:15 pm. If your child is allowed to walk home alone please ensure that you complete a consent form.
  • PE day is Monday and children should come to school in their PE kit on that day.
  • On Wednesday, children visit the school library to change their reading books.



Miss Nicklin and Miss Wright are looking forward to seeing you in Year 6.

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