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Year 4

Henri Matisse - Art

This half term Year 4 have been focusing on the artist Henri Matisse who was born on 31st December 1869, and died in 1954. He was 84.  He was a draughtsman, printmaker, and sculptor, but is best known as a painter.  Matisse also started to create large scale cut paper collages. Matisse was in a wheel chair during his later years; which resulted in him creating some of his most well known cut-out pieces. After he could no longer stand for extended periods of time, Matisse began creating works using a pair of scissors and paper. He used a long stick to assemble them on his walls until he was happy with the arrangement. He called the technique - ‘painting with scissors’.  The children have used his work as a stimulus to create their own piece of work and used only paper and scissors to do it- no drawing allowed!  Take a look at our wonderful pieces so far...


This week Year 4 have completed also completed lots of activities to improve their grammar, they have been improving their understanding of adverbs, determiners and fronted adverbials and used these successfully within a complex sentence when writing a setting description and diary entry.  They also had a fantastic time on Monday perfecting their Hula Hooping skills!

A snippet of our Matisse creations

Hula Hoop experts! ;)

English - Escape to Pompeii

Since returning Year 4 have started to read their new text in English.  This half term they are reading the historical narrative - Escape to Pompeii.  This week they have been diving deep into different technical vocabulary related to the text and used this in varying sentences to give it context.  They have developed many adjectives and adverbs to describe and later use in their setting descriptions as well as thinking about how they use their punctuation correctly (full stops, capital letters -including for proper nouns, exclamation marks, question marks, commas in a list, apostrophes for contraction and singular noun possession).  They have also remembered to use a range of conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time, place and cause.  Later this half term they will create characters, further describe settings and develop their own plot in a narrative, once again this will develop their understanding and structure of their text, grouping related ideas into paragraphs.

Welcome to 2022!

Although we have only been in school for three days, the children in Year 4 have worked hard in all areas of the curriculum after their well deserved Christmas break!  


In Geography this week we have started to learn about 'The Americas' which include North, Central and South America.  We have learnt about the different countries within these areas of the world and now know the physical features of these places such as the mountains, rivers and seas in which surround them.


Next week we will use this learning to compare human and physical features of these countries and discuss some of the key places to visit in these places.

Friday 17th December


What a wonderful end to a brilliant first term in Year 4.  The children enjoyed a week full of fun Christmas and winter activities, had a visi from Santa and also his little helpers.


The children have worked so hard this term and their diary entries they wrote from Leon's point of view from our book was proof of that.  Well done Year 4! Here's to a new year, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2022!

Christmas jumper day 2021!

DT project - Making our sandwiches


This week the children made their sandwiches which they had designed based on the brief they received from Marks and Spencer's.  They needed to design a sandwich that was healthy, that was suitable for a picnic and that had nutritional value.


The children after making their sandwich then evaluated their design tasting it using the criteria.  Two other testers then tasted their sandwich and again evaluated it.   The children then thought about what they would do next time if they made the sandwich again.  Some would make modifications to the filling - including more or less, some would include less butter and others said they would remove some of the ingredients such as including just ham instead of both ham and salami.

Panto performance of Dick Whittington!

Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful performance of 'Dick Whittington' at the Festival Drayton centre in Market Drayton this week.  They witnessed spectacular sets, sensational costumes and a side splitting script! 


They represented our school beautifully and Mrs Forrest and myself were very proud of each and everyone of them.

Design & Technology - Healthy sandwich

We have been asked by Marks and Spencer's to design and make a healthy sandwich fit for a Summer picnic.  The children needed to remember - it wasn't just a sandwich, it needed to be a Marks' and Spencer's sandwich!  We discussed the sandwich needed to be fit for purpose ad therefore withstand a journey and even heat to ensure it was still editable during the Summer months.

Year 4 had great fun conducting market research about people's favourite fillings (see picture) and also enjoyed tasting lots of different sandwiches.  These included smoked ham, ham and cheese, BLT, chicken salad, tuna and mayonnaise, cheese ploughman's and tuna and sweetcorn.  

The children also used the knowledge of the importance of nutrition to answer why we needed a good balanced diet every day to stay healthy and how we could include different ingredients to improve the nutritional value of our sandwiches.  Stay tuned to see what sandwich designs they come up with!

English - Leon and the place between

This half term we are reading the book 'Leon and the place between' - about a boy who visits a mysterious circus.  We have been using our text to improve our descriptive writing and have been using a range of grammar to do this.  We have continued to use our expanded noun phrases, prepositions and fronted adverbials along with learning more about conjunctions and sentence clauses.  We have learnt that a main cause can stand on its own and makes sense.  Whereas a subordinating clause can not stand alone and needs the main clause for it to make sense.  They also contain a subordinating conjunctions and we have learnt a song to make sure we remember them- see Youtube link!  

Subordinating clauses and subordinate conjunctions - AWHITEBUS is coming!

Can you spot the main clause and the subordinate clause in these multi clause sentences?

  • The man struggled to cross the road because he had broken his leg.
  • Even though Longfield was busy, Sharon enjoyed her trip to the shops.
  • When the guitarist began to play, the shoppers ran towards the fountain to listen
  • Mr Jones shouted for help as his dog quickly ran away.

Sing with Grammarsaurus - Subordinating Conjunctions (A WHITE BUS)

Get your grammar groove on with Grammarsaurus teaching videos. Grammarsaurus brings a new edge to learning grammar. We have thousands of high-quality resou...

Remembrance - 11th November 2021

Remembrance honours those who serve to defend our democratic freedoms and way of life.

Today we united across faiths, cultures and backgrounds to remember the service and sacrifice of the Armed Forces community from Britain and the Commonwealth.  Year 4 used a range of medium to reflect the mood of the soldiers.





Physical Education in Year 4

In P.E this term Year 4 are working on their throwing and catching skills, particularly their aiming, their accuracy and their dodging.  They are also working as a class to build up their resilience, not giving up when things get a little tough!


They have also been thinking about their values and how these can be expressed during their sport.  They have been taking turns (being fair and respectful) as well as counting their own scores (being honest). 


Sportsmanship has also been a focus and children worked in groups to record their discussions:-

  • Group 1: Tommy V, Ruben, Isla, Luke

To cheer on your team mates, say 'good game' to your opponents and don't call the other teams names or tease others

  • Group 2: Joseph, Josh, Olivia and Bruce

Be fair and respect the rules for example not crossing the line in Dodgeball, show respect to the officials and congratulate your opponents

  • Group 3: Zach, Heidi, Alfie, Emelia

Treat others the way you want to be treated, don't laugh if someone fails, be careful and safe when competing, if you're out, admit that you're out and be honest

  • Group 4: Sophie, Cameron, Tom, Tommy M

Give everyone a turn so it is fair, focus on the game, be respectful to other players, be honest when you're scoring and follow the rules of the game

  • Group 5: Seb, Ollie, Cody, Eleanor, Ryan

Never put down other players, show good sportsmanship, always be honest, play fairly, respect your opponents and play safely

  • Group 6: Brooke, Alarna, Harvey, Lucas, Jayden

Give everyone a turn, be respectful to others in the game, be honest, help other players and your team mates and take turns

Year 4 in action!

National Poetry Day 2021 Performance

Last term, the children celebrated National Poetry Day.  This year’s theme was ‘Choice’.  Each year group read a range of poems and chose their favourite to learn and perform to other year groups.  Please listen to our performances of  'Gorilla' by Martin Honeysett - we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed learning and performing it.

Year 4 performance of Gorilla

Maths - Subtraction

Building upon our experiences in Year 3, the children have been using their knowledge of subtracting using formal column methods to subtract both two 3-digit and 4-digit numbers.  We have focused on calculations with no exchanges, firstly concentrating on the value of each digit in each column.  Later on in the week, we have completed calculations with one or more exchange.  We have used place value grids to support our learning as well as other manipulatives such as counters.


We have completed a series of problem solving and reasoning questions to apply our learning and considered questions such as:-


  • When do we need to exchange with a column subtraction? 
  • What happens if there is a zero in the next column?  How do we exchange?
  • How can you find the missing 4-digit number?  Are you going to add or subtract?


Here are some questions for you.  How would you solve them?


Music - Mama Mia

This half term Year 4 have worked tirelessly to master their performance of Mama Mia.  They have not only learnt the lyrics but have learnt the melody or chord structure to perform the song as an ensemble.

Children have been practising at home as well as at school and the instruments range from guitars and keyboards to recorders and glockenspiels.  The performance was executed perfectly and we would like to say how immensely proud we are with their resilience and determination to master such a performance! Have a listen to our performance below yes

Year 4 Mama Mia performance

Music in action!

Geography - Our World

This term Year 4 have been learning about their world.  They have been learning about the different lines of latitude such as the equator, Arctic and Antarctic circles and lines of Cancer and Capricorn.  We have been learning about different climate zones and where these feature in the world as well researching varying temperatures and the rates of precipitation in these regions.  We have researched various biomes and discussed about the varying climates that are there and how this affects the ecosystems present.  Finally, this week we have been answering climate challenge questions such as what if the Tropical rainfall was to fall in the desert and what if the Arid climate appeared in the Arctic?

National Poetry Day 2021

On Thursday, Year 4 took part in National Poetry day.  We chose to work with a poet called Simon Mole who encouraged the children to create a poem about their 'dream day'!  It could be as creative, wacky and unusual as they wanted it to be as it was THEIR dream day.  Some of us had huge T-Rex's made of ice cream, triple magical waffles and triple fudge cake with salted caramel for breakfast.  Some of us spent the day with our heroes, as you can imagine there were a fair few footballers involved as well as pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Liam Gallagher and Nicki Minaj to name but a few.  The children were also encouraged to think of the most outrageous activity they could do with their idols and also think of a soundtrack for their day.  Finally, they ended their poem by describing how they slept.  I know this all sounds a little random, but wait until you hear their poems...they're simply amazing!laugh 

Dream Days in Year 4 by Cody

Dream Days in Year 4 by Heidi

Dream Days in Year 4 by Lucas

Dream Days in Year 4 by Emelia

Science - Teeth experiment

Over the last couple of weeks Year 4 have been learning about different types of teeth and their functions.  We  investigated which drink caused the most decay to our teeth.  We couldn't use real teeth for this investigation so we used hard boiled eggs.  We used eggs as the shell of an egg is similar to the enamel on our teeth.  We put each egg in different liquids to see what happened. 

We found out that the vinegar caused most damage as it was was full of acid and the water caused least damage as it is a neutral liquid.

Take a look how each liquid looked after 7days...

Art - A starry, starry night!

Over the last few weeks, Year 4 have been experimenting with different types of line to define and form objects and landscapes. They had to think about the different length, width, distance and direction of the lines they saw. They have used various lines such as vertical, horizontal, thick and thin, spiral and diagonal as well as cross-hatching.  Line is one of the most important elements of art. Imagine trying to draw, design or paint without using lines! Line is often used to show expression or feeling. A short, thick, straight line conveys a different feeling or emotion to one that is long, thin and swirly.  With this in mind, the children used Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ as their stimulus when practising their line skills using a variety of media.  We have some real budding artists! J

English - Gorilla by Anthony Browne

This half term Year 4 have started to read a new book called 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne.  They have made great predictions using the front cover and blurb and have used fantastic expanded noun phrases to describe Hannah, the gorilla and some of the settings that they have seen so far in the book.  They have been researching gorilla's and their habitats ready to write their own fact file about gorilla's next week.  They have also been revisiting parts of their grammar during the last couple of weeks and are becoming experts in the use of prepositions, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials.  All of which will be used when writing their own information piece.  Great work Year 4, keep it up! laugh

Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome to Year 4, our teacher is Mrs Adcock and our class room support is Mrs Forrest .  Please find below our classroom!


Key information for Year 4 parents:


  • Year 4 children are to arrive at school at 8:50 am through the Year 3/4 door at the front of the school and exit at 3:15 pm.
  • On a Tuesday please can all Year 4 children attend school in their P.E kit, this is the day they will have both sessions of P.E.
  • Reading books in Year 4 will be changed and diaries will be checked each Thursday.


To contact Year 4, please use the form below.

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