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Year 4



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Our Egyptian Workshop

In History the children took part in an Egyptian workshop, the children learnt about the life (and death) of a Pharaoh including Mummification where the children met Empa, the embalmer. They met an Egyptian scribe and using hieroglyphic stencils, black paint and authentic reed pens and papyrus, the children became Egyptian scribes!  They played Egyptian games - the children got to play two of the most popular Egyptian board games as well as become Egyptian City Builders.  During their session, the children worked together to design their very old Egyptian city!  Finally, the children undertook an artefact Investigation - Ari showed the children various replica Ancient Egyptian artefacts and talked about their significance. Many of the artefacts had been made in modern-day Egypt so were extremely authentic, the children were great and naming the artefacts and also understanding what they were used for.

Our Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Today Year 4 took part in our Jubilee day to celebrate the Queens Platinum’s Jubilee🇬🇧. They completed a number of activities that included writing their own proclamation of what they would do if they were King or Queen 👑 for the day as well as completing a number of problem solving activities in Maths which asked the children to become the queens stylist and figure out how many outfit choices they could make using the items provided. They also made and decorated crown shortbread and created repeated imagery in the style of Andy Warhol using their chosen image of our queen 💙🤍❤️. At lunchtime Year 4 enjoyed a street party lunch out on the playground and completed the afternoon with PE and decorating the silhouette of the queen using decoupage of the Union Jack 🇬🇧 

To mark the occasion the children also received a memento of the day  - a coin with the queens emblem and our school logo 🪙 


Our Platinum Jubilee Celebrations 👑

The Ancient Egyptians

During the last couple of weeks, Year 4 have been learning all about the Egyptians- their new History unit.  They have learned where Egypt is and using and applying their geography skills understood that Egypt was near the equator, an imaginary line that splits the north and south. Countries on or near this line usually have the highest temperatures. Egypt is quite close to the Equator so has higher temperatures than the UK.  We discussed the similarities and differences between the UK and Egypt discussing that the temperature in Egypt can be as hot as 40˚C in the summer months and in the winter months it can be anything from 0˚C in the open desert areas to 20˚C in towns and cities.  A very different climate than in the UK.  It hardly rains in Egypt. The children found out that Egypt has an average yearly rainfall of 20cm whereas the UK has an average yearly rainfall of 89cm!

They also learned what currency they use, what their flag looks like and that around 90% of Egypt is covered by desert.  They know that there are two main deserts in Egypt – the Libyan desert and the Arabian desert.  However, there are also lots of populated cities
and villages, especially near the River Nile.  Year 4 have learned that the River Nile is the longest river in the world.  It is 4160 miles long and travels through 9 countries.  They learned why the River Nile was so important and that most Egyptians lived near the River Nile because it provided water, food, and transport and it was good ground for growing crops. 

Finally, the children have investigated the different gods and goddesses the Ancient Egyptians worshipped.  They have learned that the Ancient Egyptians didn’t just have one God.  They had lots of different Gods that they would pray to at different times of their lives and there were over 2,000 names of gods in Ancient Egypt. Many pictures of gods and goddesses show them with animal heads. Animals were chosen to represent the powers of the god which the children found fascinating.  

'Where the forest meets the sea' - our new text!

This week Year 4 have started to learn about their new text.  They discussed the mastery keys which include the key concepts for the unit and also recapped the gateway keys - the areas which they are familiar with and are already using independently in their writing.  They made predictions about the book and they discussed the key vocabulary for the unit and what each word meant.  They also wrote their own paragraph to describe their chosen setting in the form of 'close your eyes and imagine...'

heart WELCOME BACK!!! heart are we already in Summer term?  Year 4 have come back to school after their Easter break with great enthusiasm and with a fantastic learning attitude.  This week they started their 'Chance to shine' session, improving their skills of catching.  They needed to carefully watch the ball and create a good area to catch it, they also needed to watch the ball all the way into their hands.  Once some of us had mastered a two-handed catch we were set a challenge of catching one-handed.  This was particularly tricky and many children said this was what they wanted to improve on.  The children have been given their own individual booklet to track their learning and progress during their 'Chance to Shine' sessions, these will be brought home each week.  The booklets contain great next steps the children can do at home and a QR code where you can watch each of the sessions the children will have been taught.  


This week the children said a farewell and happy retirement to Netty.  The children along with Mrs. Forrest worked their magic and wrote her a farewell song.  Click the audio below to hear them in action :)

Our Y4 tribute to Netty

'Chance to Shine' - Session 1

What a half term!

We have had a very busy half term jam-packed with excitement, learning, and performing.  With the Manchester Camerata as a class, we performed a song to portray the book 'The Twits, some of us took part in the Recorder festival at the Victoria Hall and yesterday we all went on our educational visit to Cadbury World to learn more about the Mayan civilisation, the cacao bean and how it is transformed from tree to chocolate.  The children have been continuing to work hard during their Maths session combatting tricky fractions including finding quantities of fractions and completed their unit in Science investigating sound and how it is made.  Well done Year 4 what a fabulous term, have a lovely Easter!



Educational visit to Cadburys World - The Mayan civilisation

Our Escape from Pompeii

This week Year 4 have been busy writing their own version of an 'Escape from Pompeii'.  They wrote their own story based on Livia and Tranio's experience but wrote it in first person, from their point of view.  We used many visuals to help us become our characters and to really feel what it would have been really like to go through such a terrifying ordeal.

During this week children have written a sequence of events to follow the structure of the model story.  They have written an opening paragraph and further paragraphs for each stage of their story and create a dialogue between characters that shows their relationship with each other.  Many children can now use the 3rd or 1st person consistently and write using the correct tenses appropriately.  We also added historical detail to characters and settings to add depth to their story.

What happened when Vesuvius erupted in 79AD?

This dramatisation of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

A Day in Pompeii

Comic Relief- We are supportive superheroes! We have the power to change lives 🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏽‍♂️

National Poetry Week

This week Year 4 have learned about the poem 'Windrush Child' by John Agard.  It is about when Britain was just starting to recover from World War Two and thousands of buildings had been bombed, lots of houses had been destroyed and it all needed to be rebuilt.

In the Caribbean, lots of young men and women had served in the British armed forces because at the time, many Caribbean countries were still under British rule and not yet independent.  After the war, some of these people answered an advert to come to Britain where there were lots of different jobs to do.   Other people just wanted to see Britain, which they had heard so much about.  They set sail on the Empire Windrush for London...

Science Week 2022 - ‘Growth’

Year 4 have discussed how growth affects them both personally and the in the wider world. We have also made links with past units of work this year and discussed what elements of those were linked to ‘growth’ - The Digestive system, Teeth, Classification keys and so on. Children also designed their own pot and planted sunflower seeds, stay tuned to see whose will grow to be the biggest! Finally they took part in the British Science poster competition, let’s hope one of our talented learners wins! 🤞🏼 



Year 4 - performance at The Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

On Monday Year 4 performed their fantastic song about Roald Dahl book ‘The Twits’ with the Manchester Camerata Orchestra. Each and everyone of the children behaved impeccably and were a credit to our school. Well done you were superstars 🌟

Fractions - White Rose Maths

This week Year 4 have been showing fantastic resilience this week when solving tricky fraction questions. They have now moved on to using proportional reasoning to find equivalent fractions and worked on methods of multiplying the numerators and denominators by the same number to ensure that fractions are equivalent.  Next week they will use manipulatives and diagrams to show that a fraction can be split into wholes and parts. They will focus on how many equal parts make a whole dependent on the number of equal parts altogether. This learning will lead on to Year 5 where children learn about improper fractions and mixed numbers.



Key questions

- What other equivalent fractions can you find using the diagram?

- What relationships can you see between the fractions?

- If I multiply the numerator by a number, what do I have to do to the denominator to keep it equivalent? Is this always true?

- What relationships can you see between the numerator and denominator?

World Book 📚 Day

This year it was the 25th anniversary of World Book Day, this year's theme was marked by the message: “You are a reader”.  Year 4 had a wonderful day dressing up as a chosen word as, to become a reader - or to read - you need words 👍😁


Rather than coming as a character from a book, the children came into school dressed up either as a word or wearing words. They took part in a word parade in our classroom where the children didn’t tell anyone what their word was and the class needed to guess what they were. Mrs Forrest and Mrs Adcock also came dressed to impress and the children worked together to work out their words. As the children guessed they built and generated a fantastic word wall from the day. They went on to use this when creating their own word graffiti to designs that will be displayed in school. 

In the afternoon Year 4 visited the school library to choose their new library book and took part in a book challenge set by the MC Grammar who produced this year's song 🎶 (see below).  We then finished out day off by learning and singing the World Book Day rap!

World Book 📚 Day antics!

DT - Switches 💡

This week Year 4 have planned, designed and made their very own switches to complete a simple circuit. They have used their learning in Science about electricity ⚡️ to help them to decide which materials they would need to make switches that would conduct electricity and allow the flow of current through it. 
Once they had tested each kind of switch they then designed their own. They planned how they would make their switch and then used this when constructing and making it using their instructions as a guidance. After they made their switch they then tested it out and so did two of their friends, they then evaluated their design and thought of ways they could improve it. 

Children's Mental Health Week

This year's theme is "Growing Together" and the focus is on encouraging children to consider how they've grown, and how they can help others to grow.  Year 4 took part in many different activities to think about what they had achieved as well as what they wanted to improve and work towards in the future.  They also discussed who was there for them to help them along the way and why talking about how they feel is so important heart

Children’s Mental Health Week

Safer Internet Day 

Year 4 can describe strategies for safe and fun experiences in a range of online social environments (e.g. livestreaming, gaming platforms) as well as give examples of how to be respectful to others online and describe how to recognise healthy and unhealthy online behaviours. They have learnt some of the ways people may be involved in online communities and can describe how they might collaborate constructively with others and make positive contributions (e.g. gaming communities or social media groups). They also demonstrated how to support others (including those who are having difficulties) online.  They took part in a range of interactive and thought provoking activities including quizzes, information retrieval and class discussions.


Year 4 - Music makers 🎶

In March, Year 4 will be performing with the Manchester Camerata at the Gatehouse theatre in Stafford. However, before this they had to compose their very own song drawing on inspiration from Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’. We’ve been blown away by their lyric writing and can’t wait to see them perform on the stage along the Camerata ensemble 🎶 ✍🏼 👏🏻 🎹 🎻  

Number Day

We have had a great day doing everything number and maths.  The children followed step by step instructions to complete their amazing Waldorf stars. Waldorf window stars are typically made during the winter months to brighten up the winter landscape. The children used patterned paper to add texture and depth to their stars and used glue to piece each spike together.  The children also played lots of maths games to promote their rapid recall of operations along with a number of challenges linked to their timetables as well as all four operations.  This week the children took part in a Teeth workshop in partnership with Stoke City FC.  The children discussed how to keep their teeth healthy, how to brush their teeth as well as how important it was to visit the dentist.  Take at look at us in action...laugh #keepstokesmiling

The power we are's electrifying!

This half term year 4 have been learning all about Electricity.  They have identified common appliances that run on electricity and constructed a number of simple series circuits identifying and naming the basic parts such as cells, wires, bulbs, buzzers, switches and motors.  They can now identify whether or not a lamp will light up in a simple series circuit based on how the circuit is constructed and also understand and recognise common conductors and insulators - testing various materials to see which were good conductors.  


The children also took part in a CPR session where they learnt how to save a life and visited the helipod to see what a real life helicopter was like inside and where and how patients would be transported.

Here we are in action :)

Henri Matisse - Art

This half term Year 4 have been focusing on the artist Henri Matisse who was born on 31st December 1869, and died in 1954. He was 84.  He was a draughtsman, printmaker, and sculptor, but is best known as a painter.  Matisse also started to create large scale cut paper collages. Matisse was in a wheel chair during his later years; which resulted in him creating some of his most well known cut-out pieces. After he could no longer stand for extended periods of time, Matisse began creating works using a pair of scissors and paper. He used a long stick to assemble them on his walls until he was happy with the arrangement. He called the technique - ‘painting with scissors’.  The children have used his work as a stimulus to create their own piece of work and used only paper and scissors to do it- no drawing allowed!  Take a look at our wonderful pieces so far...


This week Year 4 have completed also completed lots of activities to improve their grammar, they have been improving their understanding of adverbs, determiners and fronted adverbials and used these successfully within a complex sentence when writing a setting description and diary entry.  They also had a fantastic time on Monday perfecting their Hula Hooping skills!

A snippet of our Matisse creations

Hula Hoop experts! ;)

English - Escape to Pompeii

Since returning Year 4 have started to read their new text in English.  This half term they are reading the historical narrative - Escape to Pompeii.  This week they have been diving deep into different technical vocabulary related to the text and used this in varying sentences to give it context.  They have developed many adjectives and adverbs to describe and later use in their setting descriptions as well as thinking about how they use their punctuation correctly (full stops, capital letters -including for proper nouns, exclamation marks, question marks, commas in a list, apostrophes for contraction and singular noun possession).  They have also remembered to use a range of conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time, place and cause.  Later this half term they will create characters, further describe settings and develop their own plot in a narrative, once again this will develop their understanding and structure of their text, grouping related ideas into paragraphs.

Welcome to 2022!

Although we have only been in school for three days, the children in Year 4 have worked hard in all areas of the curriculum after their well deserved Christmas break!  


In Geography this week we have started to learn about 'The Americas' which include North, Central and South America.  We have learnt about the different countries within these areas of the world and now know the physical features of these places such as the mountains, rivers and seas in which surround them.


Next week we will use this learning to compare human and physical features of these countries and discuss some of the key places to visit in these places.

Friday 17th December


What a wonderful end to a brilliant first term in Year 4.  The children enjoyed a week full of fun Christmas and winter activities, had a visi from Santa and also his little helpers.


The children have worked so hard this term and their diary entries they wrote from Leon's point of view from our book was proof of that.  Well done Year 4! Here's to a new year, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2022!

Christmas jumper day 2021!

DT project - Making our sandwiches


This week the children made their sandwiches which they had designed based on the brief they received from Marks and Spencer's.  They needed to design a sandwich that was healthy, that was suitable for a picnic and that had nutritional value.


The children after making their sandwich then evaluated their design tasting it using the criteria.  Two other testers then tasted their sandwich and again evaluated it.   The children then thought about what they would do next time if they made the sandwich again.  Some would make modifications to the filling - including more or less, some would include less butter and others said they would remove some of the ingredients such as including just ham instead of both ham and salami.