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Year 4

Geography - Our World

This term Year 4 have been learning about their world.  They have been learning about the different lines of latitude such as the equator, Arctic and Antarctic circles and lines of Cancer and Capricorn.  We have been learning about different climate zones and where these feature in the world as well researching varying temperatures and the rates of precipitation in these regions.  We have researched various biomes and discussed about the varying climates that are there and how this affects the ecosystems present.  Finally, this week we have been answering climate challenge questions such as what if the Tropical rainfall was to fall in the desert and what if the Arid climate appeared in the Arctic?

National Poetry Day 2021

On Thursday, Year 4 took part in National Poetry day.  We chose to work with a poet called Simon Mole who encouraged the children to create a poem about their 'dream day'!  It could be as creative, wacky and unusual as they wanted it to be as it was THEIR dream day.  Some of us had huge T-Rex's made of ice cream, triple magical waffles and triple fudge cake with salted caramel for breakfast.  Some of us spent the day with our heroes, as you can imagine there were a fair few footballers involved as well as pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Liam Gallagher and Nicki Minaj to name but a few.  The children were also encouraged to think of the most outrageous activity they could do with their idols and also think of a soundtrack for their day.  Finally, they ended their poem by describing how they slept.  I know this all sounds a little random, but wait until you hear their poems...they're simply amazing!laugh 

Dream Days in Year 4 by Cody

Dream Days in Year 4 by Heidi

Dream Days in Year 4 by Lucas

Dream Days in Year 4 by Emelia

Science - Teeth experiment

Over the last couple of weeks Year 4 have been learning about different types of teeth and their functions.  We  investigated which drink caused the most decay to our teeth.  We couldn't use real teeth for this investigation so we used hard boiled eggs.  We used eggs as the shell of an egg is similar to the enamel on our teeth.  We put each egg in different liquids to see what happened. 

We found out that the vinegar caused most damage as it was was full of acid and the water caused least damage as it is a neutral liquid.

Take a look how each liquid looked after 7days...

Art - A starry, starry night!

Over the last few weeks, Year 4 have been experimenting with different types of line to define and form objects and landscapes. They had to think about the different length, width, distance and direction of the lines they saw. They have used various lines such as vertical, horizontal, thick and thin, spiral and diagonal as well as cross-hatching.  Line is one of the most important elements of art. Imagine trying to draw, design or paint without using lines! Line is often used to show expression or feeling. A short, thick, straight line conveys a different feeling or emotion to one that is long, thin and swirly.  With this in mind, the children used Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ as their stimulus when practising their line skills using a variety of media.  We have some real budding artists! J

English - Gorilla by Anthony Browne

This half term Year 4 have started to read a new book called 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne.  They have made great predictions using the front cover and blurb and have used fantastic expanded noun phrases to describe Hannah, the gorilla and some of the settings that they have seen so far in the book.  They have been researching gorilla's and their habitats ready to write their own fact file about gorilla's next week.  They have also been revisiting parts of their grammar during the last couple of weeks and are becoming experts in the use of prepositions, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials.  All of which will be used when writing their own information piece.  Great work Year 4, keep it up! laugh

Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome to Year 4, our teacher is Mrs Adcock and our class room support is Mrs Forrest .  Please find below our classroom!


Key information for Year 4 parents:


  • Year 4 children are to arrive at school at 8:50 am through the Year 3/4 door at the front of the school and exit at 3:15 pm.
  • On a Tuesday please can all Year 4 children attend school in their P.E kit, this is the day they will have both sessions of P.E.
  • Reading books in Year 4 will be changed and diaries will be checked each Thursday.


To contact Year 4, please use the form below.

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