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Year 5

Key information for parents:

  • The doors off the main playground are opened at 8:40am. Year 5 children are to enter school through this door.
  • Year 5 finish school at 3.15 pm. If your child is allowed to walk home alone, please ensure that you complete a consent form.
  • PE takes place on a Friday. Children should come to school in their PE kit. If it is non-uniform day on their PE day, children will need to wear appropriate clothes and footwear for their PE lesson.
  • Children change their reading books on Mondays each week.
  • Mrs Blood teaches on a Monday and Tuesday. Mrs Hobson teaches on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Hollins is in the classroom every morning.



To contact Year 5, please use the form below.

Alternatively, you can email us directly at

Goodbye to all of Year 5. It’s been an absolute pleasure and we wish you a wonderful Summer. Thank you for all of the gifts, cards and lovely messages. Love from the Year 5 Team xxx

Chance to Shine enrichment day. The children had a great session plating cricket, despite the rain!

GEOGRAPHY The children have been using Digimaps to locate global deserts.

COMPUTING Here are the finished 3D models. Well done everyone!

COMPUTING The children have been using 3D modelling to create their own vehicle nets. They are also creating their own packaging. Keep an eye out for pictures of their finished product.

DT Cooking. This week Year 5 have been busy chopping, measuring and cooking ingredients to make their own delicious spaghetti bolognaise. All of the children did an incredible job and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and eating the finished product!

D-Day. Ordering the events. The children have been reading about D-Day this week in guided reading. We have also watched a Newsround special.

DT. The children have been tasting different bolognaise sauces and voting for their favourite. They have also been deciding on the ingredients for their own recipe which they will be making next week! 😋

Fashion Designers! In Art the children have designed their own clothing for a Greek holiday. They then created their own ‘materials’ and created their designs. Super job Year 5!

Church visit Thursday 23rd May - Ascension. The children had a lovely time exploring the church and learning more about ascension.

Summer 1 Homework. Children are to choose one activity a week to complete. This is in addition to a weekly piece of Maths or English.

THANK YOU LACHES WOOD! Year 5 have written their own little thank yous for our class card to send on our thanks to all the team at Laches Wood. They all had a wonderful time!

ART The children have been creating their own material for their Greek holiday brief. Next week we will be creating our designs! 🏝️

Persuasive letter writing. The children have been working really hard to use persuasive devices, as well as using subordinating conjunctions, modal verbs and y3/4 and y5/6 spellings. Great job this week Year 5!

Year 5 Class Breakfast. A huge thank you to Lois for winning our class breakfast. We all had a great time and filled our tummies. A big thank you also to our wonderful PTFA for arranging it all for us!

Year 5 have really enjoyed taking part in Science week. They have created their own marble run and taken part in a scavenger hunt.

Year 5 litter pick Geography Fieldwork

RED NOSE DAY. The children have enjoyed their activities and their toast. ❤️

Year 5 have had a wonderful World Book Day exploring many different book related activities. We had a shout out on the BBC live lesson, completed a scavenger hunt around school, guessed the books the staff were reading and created our very own book cover. We also tried to clock up as many minutes as we could reading and enjoyed our Wonka bar celebrations. Year 5 won 5 tickets which included a breakfast for the class and 2 popcorn and film prizes!

Music: Pitch triangles

ART. The children have been exploring typography and created their own names using their unique designs.

Back To The App: Key Stage 2 watched a performance that portrayed the importance of online safety. They also explored different apps, the age restrictions for these apps and the amount of time to spend online.

Children’s mental health week. The children have thought about their achievements, what matters most to them and how everyone matters. We have created a compliments tree in our classroom where the children can spot the achievements of others and make others aware of them too. We have also taken part in some relaxing and reenergising yoga.

Friday 2nd February. Year 5 enjoyed the Dog’s Trust workshop today and learned more about how to treat dogs respectfully.

DT project. Making Doodlers. The children had a great time testing, evaluating, designing and creating their own doodlers. We all had a great time testing out the final products. Well done Year 5!

Doodlers in action!

Still image for this video

Doodlers in action!

Still image for this video

Doodlers in action!

Still image for this video

Doodlers in action!

Still image for this video

Doodlers in action!

Still image for this video

Doodlers in action!

Still image for this video

Doodlers in action!

Still image for this video

Doodlers in action!

Still image for this video

Merry Christmas to all of Year 5 and their parents and careers.

Year 5 designed and created pop up books in DT using different mechanisms. We then went to Year 1 and shared them with the younger children who thought they were great.

Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th November 

This week the Year 5 children have taken part in some workshops on how to stay safe. On Tuesday, we had a workshop from the NSPCC who spoke about staying safe and speaking out. On Wednesday, we were lucky to have Loudmouth which came into school and performed for Year 5&6. They demonstrated a number of scenarios that some children can find themselves in and how to speak out about them in order to stay safe. This involved many areas, including speaking to strangers online, doing things for other people in return for gifts and also how to stand up for what you think is right even if your friends are doing the wrong thing. The children were amazing and could recall the PANTS phrase that helps them to stay safe.

Tuesday 21st November

In science this week the children have used different methods to separate mixtures. They were evaporation, filtration, sieving and separation using magnets.

VIKING WORKSHOP. The children have had a wonderful day learning about battle formations, weapons, democracy, artefacts and Viking games. The children were amazing and learned lots of new facts.

Some of our lovely shields that were made over half term.

Viking craft final creations!

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to come and help out at our Viking craft morning. The children had a wonderful time.

This week, the children worked creatively to produce their set designs. All showed great respect for each other’s ideas and worked well as a team. Also, they are just the best at tidying up the classroom and ensuring that resources were put away and the room was spotless. A great effort by everyone! Well done year 5!

Geography Fieldwork Local Walk

Wednesday 27th September 

Year 5 Tennis Stars!

Year 5 had a great tennis session today and all worked hard to develop their skills in this area. There were definite signs of budding Wimbledon champions, so watch this space!

Year 5 Reading Breakfast Thursday 21st September

What a lovely morning we had in Year 5 today! A huge thank you to all of the adults who were able to make it to our reading breakfast. It was lovely to welcome you into school and to meet so many of you. The children had such a lovely time and enjoyed sharing their learning environment with you. At Hugo Meynell, we are passionate about reading, and we are focussed on providing children with as many opportunities as possible to read a wide range of subject matter across all subjects throughout each and every day. We know the importance of reading and are committed to improving both the skills and the passion for reading amongst all children.


If you have any questions regarding reading, or anything Year 5 related, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hobson or Mrs Hollins. 

Friday 15th September

Year 5 have had a great week and are really settling into routines. They have all been very polite and respectful and extremely patient whilst we set up things and get to know them. The children have been using the chromebooks to look at e-safety, which we will be doing more work on next week. In Geography, the children have been using an atlas to locate countries that the Alps spread through. I have been really impressed with the sped and accuracy in which the children have done this. Big well done! This week, the children have also been doing lots of writing and showing off their skills. Lots of team points and stickers have been awarded. 


We are looking forward to our reading breakfast next week on Thursday 21st September 8:40am-9:15am, and we hope to see lots of you there.


Next week, the Year 5 children have a special tennis taster session on Wednesday 20th September, so they will need to come into school in their PE kits.

Year 5 welcome newsletter Autumn 2023

Friday 8th September


What a great first few days back with the sun shining! 

We are really impressed with how quickly the children have settled and how eager they all are to learn.

We are really looking forward to the year ahead.


This week we have been doing lots of getting to know you and settling in activities to ensure that the children feel safe and comfortable in their new classroom. A Year 5 newsletter has been sent home today with lots of information for both you and your child (please see above).





Year 5 have had a lovely day learning all about the Battle of Blore Heath in 1459. The children started by plotting out a timeline of the history learned in Key Stage 2 so far. They then used chrome books to research the War of the Roses and the battle itself and created their own factfile on the events that took place. They also used maps online to map out where the battle took place. We have had lots of great discussions about what happened. Maybe ask them about the significance of the anvil that is outside St Mary’s Church at Mucklestone. I’m sure the children would be thrilled to share their knowledge with you. 
Well done Year 5!


This week, Year 5 have been developing their fieldwork skills in Geography. We set off around our local area to discover how littered our environment is. The children recorded what they found on a tally chart and also marked on a map where they found the most rubbish. At the Co-Op, the children were surprised to see huge amounts of litter, despite there being four bins within the vicinity. Although they were pleased to see staff from the Co-Op out picking up litter.


Armed with litter pickers, the children cleared the grass and filled a bag before making our way back to school. On returning to school, the children collated their data into a table and produced different graphs using 2Graph on Purple Mash.

Whilst on our local walk, the children also looked at the different types of land use. Using maps, they learned about the different types of land use and could identify the amount of residential housing. Using Digimaps, we zoomed out of our immediate local area and the children could clearly see the huge amount of agricultural land around Loggerheads and beyond.

The children have really enjoyed exploring our local environment and developing their Geography skills. Well done Year 5!

Friday 16th June. SPORTS DAY! What a great day! Well done to Year 5 who all joined in and played as part of a great team!

Thursday 15th June. Messy Church - The Trinity. Children created doves to represent the Holy Spirit and made bracelets using 3 threads to represent the Trinity.

Wednesday 14th June. History - Ancient Greek Timeline

Thursday 8th June - History - Ancient Greece timeline

Wednesday 7th June. The children chopped and tasted different fruits before designing and creating their own fruit mocktails. The children evaluated them and Mrs Hobson and Mrs Forrest tasted them to review them. They were all delicious. A super job Year 5!

Thursday 25th May. The children have worked really hard this week in computing on 3D Modelling. They created their own packaging or vehicle net that they printed out and made a 3D modelling from.