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Year 5

Friday 21st January 2022

It’s been an especially busy week this week at Hugo with lots of visitors and exciting goings on. On Monday, Year 5 took part in a hula hoop session. The children absolutely loved spending time practising new skills and showing off their impressive tricks with the hoops. On Tuesday, they spent the morning creating their entries to the annual calendar competition. Our month was January and they all produced a fantastic piece of art that they should be very proud of. The judges have a tough job on their hands! We have continued to focus on multiplication in Maths and getting to grips with multiplying 3 and 4 digits by 2 digits. Gravity was the focus of Science this week and the children found out lots about Isaac Newton and the impact that the discovery of gravity had. They then worked in pairs using Newton meters to explore the link between weight and mass. In English, the children  performed their own Free Verse Poems in class and rewrote a scene from our Norse story, as if we were in the story ourselves, using dialogue to convey character. Year 5 have learnt more verses of our current song (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) also  comparing it to other 'Hip Hop' music and appraising what we heard. Year 5 had another great BeeActive Lacrosse session, honing their pitching skills. 

Friday 14th January 2022

Week 2 began with an energetic Bee Active Enrichment Day. Year 5 really enjoyed a 'Circuits' style PE session, including a variety of activities, some of which you can see in the photos. In English, we have created our own glossaries, used inference to predict what will happen next in our Norse tale and used expanded noun phrases to create mythical descriptions, which we included in our own Free Verse Poems. In Maths, Y5 have worked extremely hard using the grid and then the column method to work out 2-digit by 2-digit multiplications and related problems. We have been very impressed by their perseverance and mature approach. In Science, the children have identified different forces.  In this week's Curriculum lesson, Y5  learnt how to locate mountain ranges on a map and how to describe what a mountain is , using geographical vocabulary. In Music, we started listening to, appraising and learning to sing 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air',  as this half term's musical style is 'Old School Hip Hop'. The week ended as it began, with another fabulous BeeActive session, where the children enjoyed trying Lacrosse (see photos).

Friday 7th January 2022

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to everybody! It was great to have the children back in the classroom and they were all raring to go! We have started our new Maths topic this week: Multiplication and Division. So far, we have looked at multiplying 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit. We have a brand new text in English called Arthur and the Golden Rope. This is linked to Norse Gods and beliefs and will build up to us writing our own myth. In French, we began our weather topic and learnt how to ask and respond to questions about the weather. This half term, with BeeActive, Y5 have started working on Striking and Fielding skills. The children also did some Jump Start Jonny Guided Workouts to get rid of even more excess energy! We also did some calming Mindful Colouring, based on the Mandala circular symbol which represents the universe. Well done to all the children for their artistic efforts, especially the six prize winners.  


Friday 17the December 2021

Well… what a jam packed Christmas week we have had in Year 5! With our focus on DT, the children have created moving Christmas cards, designed their own Christmas jumpers, constructed Christingle oranges, weaved festive wreaths and baked and decorated gingerbread biscuits. They sang carols beautifully, met some reindeer and Santa even popped in with an early Christmas present each! The children enjoyed a cinema afternoon with popcorn and treats. They ended this half term's Bee Active sessions with an energetic game of Den Dodgeball. We all had fun playing games and dancing at our Y5 Christmas party (we even had a dance off!) Take a look at the photos below to see just how busy we’ve been.

We would like to wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you all again in 2022!  

Friday 10th December

We’ve had another very busy week in Year 5! In Maths, the children have spent time calculating the area of a range of shapes, including compound shapes. They have also created their own traditional tale in English based around ‘The Lost Happy Endings’. They all had fantastic ideas of settings, characters and plots and enjoyed putting pen to paper and sharing these with the class. We explored reversible and irreversible changes in Science and the difference between these. The children worked in pairs to decide if a range of changes could be reversed or is a new product had been created. As usual, the children thoroughly enjoyed their music lesson with Miss Wright in which they used glockenspiels to play ‘Livin’ On  A Prayer’!  In RE, Y5 were comparing sacred texts from the Quran and the Bible and found many similarities as well as differences. Bee Active are very pleased with the progress the children have made over a few weeks in Handball and they have a fun range of ball sport activities planned for the last session next Friday. Our tasty Christmas lunch on Wednesday went down a treat and everyone looked super festive in their Christmas jumpers today, see the photos below. We are all excited for a week of Christmas fun next week!


Friday 3rd December 2021


While completing our assessments has been important to the children this week in Year 5, we have also made sure to make time for lots of other enjoyable activities! We have continued to read and base our writing around our English text of 'The Lost Happy Endings' and this week has seen us recapping speech and the accurate use of inverted commas. The children came up with some imaginative dialogue for the characters and worked collaboratively with a partner to ensure it contained all the necessary elements. In Science, we explored dissolving and the children worked in pairs to investigate which solids were soluble. We talked about ensuring it was a fair test and why this is important. Wednesday marked the first day of Advent and along with that came a tasty chocolate calendar for us to open each day in the lead up to Christmas. We also created a festive stocking each to display in the classroom. In RE we retold the story of the life of the Islamic prophet, Mohammed and explored the origins of the Quaran and its significance to Muslims today. The highlight of the week was today's hugely enjoyable trip to see the Panto, Dick Whittington. The children were a credit to our school and great fun was had by all.

"Oh no it wasn't!"

" OH YES IT WAS!" :)

Friday 26th November 2021


Well, another busy week in Year 5!


Within maths, we have moved onto focusing on perimeter and area. So far, this has included a recap of measuring perimeter, finding the perimeter of a shape using a grid and then moving onto calculating the perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes. Accurate measuring has been paramount and there has been a lot of discussion around the conversion between millimetres and centimetres, which has linked nicely with our multiplying and dividing by 10 focus from last week!


The children are still enjoying The Lost Hapy Endings in English and this week, we reached a climax which resulted in Jub rewriting her own frightening tale and included the demise of the wicked witch. The children worked hard using figurative language within a letter and also took part in a debate to discuss if Jub was in fact actually the criminal of this tale....


We have spent some time during PSHE this week discussing emotional health and things that can negatively impact it and perhaps make us feel unsettled and sad. The children had lots of great suggestions about what people could do to look after and improve their mental health and created some great posters to demonstrate this.


This week, we have also worked on completing our art work linked to Anti-Bullying Week. As a class, we looked at Charlie Mackesy's The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse and explored the characters and kindness quotes within it. Using this as their inspiration, the children recreated some of their very own pieces using pencil sketching, colours and fine liners. The results were very impressive and will make a fantastic display outside of our classroom! See for yourselves what budding artists we have in Y5 (photos attached).


The children have also worked hard on our new Coding Unit in Computing, have expanded their vocabulary when talking about members of the family in French and there have been some lovely sounds coming from our classroom during Music (watch this space!) Their enthusiasm and competitiveness during their BeeActive Handball session is obvious and their understanding of the skills, techniques and rules is developing well.


Have a well earned rest this weekend everyone! :)


Friday 19th November 2021


We began  Anti-Bullying Week with 'Odd Socks Day'. As a class, we discussed everybody’s differences and why it’s okay to be unique. Using the official Anti-Bullying Week song as inspiration, the children created some kindness pledges and designed their very own pair of odd socks.

  In Maths this week, Year 5 have been using place value strips to explore the way in which the digits move when multiplying and dividing by 10,100,1000. In English, the children created their own similes and personification phrases based upon a forest setting and then used these to compile a winter poem. They also enjoyed a lively drama session, role playing and freeze framing the scene in our text when the horrid old woman scares Jub. Some of the children's body language and facial expressions were terrifying,  see the photos below if you dare!

Yesterday, the children watched an NSPCC  'Speak Out, Stay Safe' Assembly and made some valuable contributions to the interactive Q&A sections. Today was our Children in Need Own Clothes Day. Many thanks for the £1 donations. We  had a lot of Pudsey and Blush ears plus  other Children in Need merchandise  in our class today! We rounded the day off  with some Pudsey themed Mindful Colouring and designing our own Pudsey bandanas, whilst listening to Children in Need songs from over the years. There might also have been a bit of funky dancing!:)  

Friday 12th November 2021


In science this week, Year 5 investigated how a range of everyday objects responded to magnets to allow them to decide which were magnetic and which weren't. We soon realised that all magnetic materials are metal, but not all metals are magnetic! During our history lesson, we carried out some research into King Alfred and, as a class, shared our findings to explore whether or not he really was as perfect as some historians describe. We discussed healthy lifestyles in PSHE and sorted a range of foods and activities depending on whether we viewed them as healthy, unhealthy or if it would depend on the situation. The children then came up with some fantastic suggestions about what we could all do to keep ourselves physically healthy. We also took some time out to share our Viking and Anglo-Saxon half-term project creations.


In maths, we looked at prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers as well as multiplying by 10 and 100. In English we created some expanded noun phrases about Jub (the main character from our book) and her home and wrote our own 100-word short tales. We integrated dialogue into a rewrite of the scene where Jub first meets the horrible old lady, then included similes in a character description of her.


Another great session of Handball was had with BeeActive and the class performed the poem, 'The Christening' (by A.A. Milne) in our Celebration Assembly today. Good work, Y5! :)


 Friday 5 November 2021


Y5 have had a very busy, if slightly shorter week back at school. We have moved on to the next Maths unit of Multiplication & Division, working specifically on multiples, factors and common factors. In English, we have begun a new text (The Lost Happy Endings) and have started predicting the story, characters and settings therein. After bringing in an array of amazing Viking half term homework, our History topic has developed to look at Danelaw and how the Viking influence made Britain more unified. In French, we have started learning to talk about our family members. The highlight of the week was definitely our first session this year with BeeActive, where the children were able to put last half term's throwing and catching skills into practice during an energetic Handball lesson. They had so much fun!

Friday 22nd October 2021


I can't quite believe we are already at the end of our first half term!


This week in Year 5, the children have spent time looking at thermal insulators in science. They were faced with a conundrum: Would putting a coat on a snowman make it last longer, melt more quickly or make no difference at all? As we have no snow, we had to improvise and the children devised their own investigations to test their theories using ice cubes and bubble wrap. We discussed how to ensure our results were fair and valid and presented our findings on a line graph. This gave us the opportunity to apply the skills we had focussed on in maths last week. I was really impressed with the children's reasoning and confident use of scientific vocabulary!


In maths, we continued our statistics focus and looked at tables, two-way tables and timetables. The children had great fun organising Furbles based on their colour and amount of eyes and creating a two-way table to present their findings. In art this week, we focussed on perspective and drew some fantastic autumnal pumpkins. The children spent a long time adding texture with shading and colour and were rightly proud of their finished pieces. 


Have a wonderful half term break smiley

Friday 15th October 2021

This week, Y5 have started a Statistics unit in Maths, specifically looking at reading, interpreting and drawing line graphs, which they will apply to recording results in Science next week. They have continued to plan and write for different audiences, based on our Queen of the Falls text. After researching Viking Ships , the children had a go at drawing and authentically decorating their own Viking Ship, using both pencils and pastels. We have been keeping fit with bursts of Jump Start Jonny dance workouts throughout the week, as well as a great Cross Country and Ball Skills PE session. Their accuracy and speed in throwing and catching is much improved. Well done Y5! :)

Friday 8th October 2021


Another week in Year 5 has flown by!


We have continued with addition and subtraction in maths and the children have spent time using the inverse to check their calculations. They have also worked on some multi-step word problems and using rounding to estimate answers. In science, we looked at why some everyday objects are made from certain materials due to their properties and came up with our own silly inventions! We have learnt even more about The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and wrote our own newspaper report from the point of view of the Anglo-Saxons during the first Viking raid in Britain. We continued our Queen of the Falls text in English and the children worked in small groups to role play some of the scenes and create a word bank of emotions and rhetorical questions to support them in writing a first person recount (photos below). Thursday was National Poetry Day and the class chose to learn 'The Christening' by AA Milne ahead of a performance to the rest of the school in the upcoming weeks. They also enjoyed some Michael Rosen videos - particularly 'Chocolate Cake'! For Friday's Mental Health Day, the children looked at some Beano inspired comic strips linked to recognising and controlling emotions.

On Wednesday afternoon, Year 5 enjoyed a Viking and Anglo-Saxon workshop. A real life Viking joined us in the classroom to teach us more about life in these times ahead of starting our new topic. As you can see, the children entered into the spirit of things and learnt so many new things.

Welcome to Year 5


Key information for parents:

  • Year 5 children are collected from the playground at 8.50am and enter school through the cloakroom door at the back of school.
  • Year 5 leave school at 3.15 pm. If your child is allowed to walk home alone please ensure that you complete a consent form.
  • PE takes place on Wednesday and Friday. Children should come to school in their PE kit on those days.
  • Children change their reading books on Wednesday each week.



Mrs Blood, Mrs Jackson and Miss Wright are looking forward to seeing you in Year 5.

(Mrs Hobson is currently on maternity leave)

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