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Year 1

Painting, Live Music and Hula Hoop Fun


Year 1 have had oodles of fun this week! It was wonderful to watch them develop confidence and coordination in the hula hoop workshop on Monday. It seems like their Wriggly Nativity dance moves helped them to keep their hula hoops going! Children explored a range of skills and tricks with a selection of hula hoops. They are certainly very talented children and one child managed to spin three hula hoops at the same time! 


On Tuesday, Year 1 donned their aprons, viewed the Year 6 art gallery and followed a series of steps to create beautiful paintings based on the theme of ‘January’. In History, Mr Bowen shared a selection of family toys and the children asked interesting questions. He also played the violin in their Music session on Friday and they thoroughly enjoyed their dance session. 


Since September, Mr Bowen has supported and delivered parts of the curriculum to Year 1. He has certainly brought lots of lively lessons, fun and laughter to the classroom and Hymn Practice sessions. He will certainly be missed by our staff and children at Hugo Meynell. However, we wish him every success in his final teaching placement. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 14th January 2022


Year 1 have been energetic in their Bee Active sessions this week. All of the children tried a range of activities and demonstrated good listening skills. They thoroughly enjoyed exploring new apparatus such as the dumbbells! In Maths, the children have developed their knowledge of place value and enjoyed playing a variety of games involving pictorial representations of numbers to 20. Year 1 were shocked to discover that Nibbles had munched his way through the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! Not only did Nibbles change the original story, he made the characters rather sad. As a result, Year 1 generated interesting adjectives to describe how Goldilocks and the bears felt. They rehearsed their sentences and used at least one adjective in a sentence. In RE, the children discussed 'belonging' and how people celebrate the arrival of a new baby. This led the children to design and create beautiful cards for a very special baby.


Friday 7th January 2022

It has been lovely to see the children refreshed and raring to go after the Christmas break. This week, the children enjoyed sharing their holiday news and we were pleased to hear that they were on Santa's nice list! They decided that they should thank Santa for their wonderful gifts. They thought carefully about their favourite presents and used adjectives to describe them. In Maths, the children started to read and write numerals to 20. In PSHE, Year 1 discussed their strengths and the things they would like to get better at in 2022. It was interesting to hear some of the resolutions that parents had already made! Some children decided that they would like to get better at reading and writing numbers. Other children wanted to get fitter, help their younger siblings to play nicely or be more helpful at school.  We are looking forward to seeing what Year 1 can do in 2022! smiley

Christmas is coming...

Year 1 have been busy bees this week. In Maths, they have concentrated on their number knowledge and subtraction skills. They solved subtraction sums by using cubes, apples and pears. Towards the end of the week, they started to record their own pictures to help them to solve subtraction sums. In Art and Design, the children designed their own Christmas cards. The children have continued to work hard and they thoroughly enjoyed watching the pantomime on Friday morning. Year 1 cannot wait to perform 'A Wriggly Nativity' next week.

It's a Mystery...


Year 1 were shocked to find out that something had eaten Miss Shanahan's things. As a result, the children put on their thinking caps and looked for clues in the classroom. They found nibbled books, clothes and a huge hole in the cupboard! Once they spotted the culprit, they learned all about nouns and labelled the mischievous creature. 

In Maths, the children have used their knowledge of shapes to create repeating patterns. They have worked hard to learn some of the songs for their production of 'A Wriggly Nativity'. Keep up the good work! 

3D Shape Detectives


Year 1 have continued to be detectives this week. In Maths, the children went on a 3D shape hunt and identified common 3D shapes like cylinders, spheres, cubes and cuboids. They also found different ways to sort the shapes.  As part of their homework, the children are going to try and answer the following questions.

  • How many 3D shapes can you find at home?
  • How can you sort them? 


In PE, the children had great fun playing different parachute games and they demonstrated fantastic listening skills. As part of Anti-Bullying week, the children shared kind words, designed their own odd socks and learned about their personal rights. 




Remembrance Day


Year 1 have continued to work very hard this week. As History detectives, they viewed a range of Mr Bowen's World War I artefacts.  The children asked historical questions, made great predictions and used interesting vocabulary to describe each artefact. In the dining hall, the children discovered the war memorial and recorded key facts about how many names, shapes and numbers they could see on the war memorial. Our super artists used their observational skills to record a sketch of the beautiful feature. As the war memorial is very special, we decided to register the memorial with the Imperial War Museum. Hopefully, you will soon be able to view it online. What wonderful detectives our Year 1 children are! Having read texts, watched videos and completed detective work, Year 1 have developed a good understanding of Remembrance Day. The children also learned about the significance of poppies and they created their own 3D poppy in their Art and Design lessons. The children even created their own Year 1 poppy wreath.  As scientists, Year 1 sequenced the months of the year and started to search for seasonal changes. They explored the outdoors and started to collect signs of autumn. 

Gymnasts in the Making

What a wonderful week Year 1 have had! In Maths, Year 1 have started to look at different number bonds to 5 and 10.  Some children really sparkled and started to recognise fact families. In PE, the children were amazed by Simone Biles's 2016 Olympic performance. Having viewed Simone's gymnastic routine, Year 1 turned into gymnasts and spotted what a good gymnast should look like. The children performed two core shapes and showed good coordination. In History, they used their skills to make predictions about a picture. We were blown away by their predictions and they were keen to find out about the ‘guy’ in the picture! Year 1 finished their week by finding out about Guy Fawkes, why he is famous and why we celebrate Bonfire Night. 

Happy Half Term!

What a wonderful half term it has been! It has been lovely to watch the children learn and grow together in Year 1. The children have continued to develop their social skills and they have certainly enjoyed getting to know the five new starters in Year 1. This week, the children have continued to develop their knowledge of part-whole models and have learned how to record addition sentences. In Phonics, the children have used their fantastic decoding skills to read some challenging texts. They are delighted to now have two reading books to take home! In English, they have created their own version of 'Lost and Found'. They have worked hard to segment their words and use the correct letter formation for 'long ladder letters' and 'robot letters'.


National Poetry Day 2021 Performance - Five Little Pumpkins

Earlier in the term, the children celebrated National Poetry Day.  This year’s theme was ‘Choice’.  Each year group read a range of poems and chose their favourite to learn and perform to other year groups.  Please listen to our performance of Five Little Pumpkins' smiley - we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed learning and performing it.

Year 1 Performance - Five Little Pumpkins

Happy Harvest 


 Year 1 have enjoyed learning all about Harvest this week. They impressed us with their ability to name different vegetables from Mrs El-Hashahar's garden. They also thought about why vegetables are important and where they grow. As artists, they made observations and used paint to create detailed pictures of various vegetables. In Maths, the children learned all about ordinal numbers and had great fun exploring part whole models using fruit and vegetables!


During the afternoon sessions, the children discussed seasonal changes and commented on a selection of poems about leaves, pumpkins and acorns. They spotted trigraphs, rhyming words, repeated phrases and they answered a range of comprehension questions. As a class, they decided that they would like to learn and perform their favourite poem to a different class next Friday.  At the end of the week, the children sequenced the lines of the poem and generated some actions to accompany the words. Year 1 are keen to perform their poem, as it will display all of the skills that they have learned this week. You will just have to wait a little bit longer to find out which poem was the firm favourite!   

Year 1 - Maths - Comparing objects and quantities







This week the children have worked really hard when comparing objects and quantity.  They have used the language 'equal to', 'more', 'less', 'greater than', 'fewer' and 'less than' to compare groups of objects and quantities.  They used concrete objects and manipulatives to help them understand the concept with many children able to compare numbers using pictorial representations.  Children were given lots of opportunities to practise this crucial skill and used their technical vocabulary beautifully.  Well done Year 1


Friday 1st October 2021


What a terrific week Year 1 have had! In Maths, they improved their number formation skills and recalled one more and one less than a given number.  In English, they developed their understanding of labels and facts. They created a detailed drawing of a penguin in their Art lesson and labelled the different parts of a penguin. Having watched a short video clip about penguins, they finished the week by writing some brilliant facts. In Music, the children moved in time to the pulse of a piece of music and pretended to be penguins! The children really impressed us with their coordination skills by playing different games and following a simple penguin themed dance. They enjoyed learning the 'Hey You!' rap and shared some interesting opinions about 'The Fresh Prince of Bell Air' theme song. We certainly have some budding rappers in Year 1! smiley

Friday 24th September 2021


On Wednesday, Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their first school trip to the church. They loved the bus journey and learned about the different features of a church. They joined in with hymns, created beautiful stained glass windows and went on a treasure hunt to find angels. In Science, the children learned about the five senses and they made fantastic observations during their sensory walk. In History, the children thought about historical vocabulary and they shared their precious memories from the past. They even discovered a Viking in the school hall! Year 1 have certainly made memories this week!


Friday 17th September 2021


The children have settled really well into life in Year 1. They have adapted to the new routines in Key Stage 1 and demonstrated excellent listening skills during assembly time. In English, they have started to read ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. They used some of the illustrations to make predictions and discussed things that they have lost and found.  In History, they had great fun looking at lots of beautiful baby photographs. Year 1 played ‘Guess Who?’ with the baby photographs and discussed what they could do when they were a baby. Well done Year 1!  


Welcome to Year 1.


Key information for parents:

  • Year 1 children come into school at 8.40am and enter school through their classroom door at the back of school.
  • Year 1 leave school at 3.05pm through the same door.
  • PE takes place on Tuesday and children should come to school in their PE kit on this day. 
  • Reading books are collected on Thursdays and new books are sent home every Friday.


Miss Shanahan, Mrs El-Hashahar and Mrs Southwick-Williams look forward to seeing you in Year 1.

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