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Geography Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement





The core of our curriculum is the National Curriculum, which we have then developed to meet the needs of children in our context. We want to teach geographical skills in a systematic way so that children gain an understanding in a logical sequence, for example, we would teach children about the local area before introducing the wider world because this enables children to relate to something that they have a concrete knowledge of before considering more abstract concepts.




We follow the National Curriculum as the core of our Geography teaching.  We researched commercial schemes and from this, have created a progression of skills and knowledge in a logical sequence linked to the skill areas of the National Curriculum.  Our Subject Progression Maps take in to account of our context within our school curriculum. We have regularly focused on the immediate area around the school to give Geography real meaning to our children. Cross curricular links have also been identified within the Subject Progression Map as well as key geographical vocabulary.  We select topics in a purposeful way to ensure that the identified skills and knowledge are embedded in our teaching.  The KS2 progression map follows on from the KS1 map so that we are building in appropriate repetition and consolidation of geographical skills.


The key areas of assessment of Geography are the four key skills of the National Curriculum.  Teachers assess against the skills through formative assessment during the year. We build differentiation into our teaching so that children are able to demonstrate their geographical understanding. Assessment is also used to further develop the curriculum.




We want children to have gained enjoyment of geography; knowledge of the world around them and different environments and the ability to take practical geographical skills, such as map reading to enable them to explore their world.  We feel that these foundations will enable them to continue to develop their geographical skills and knowledge as they move to KS3.