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Year 3




This week has been another very busy week!

In English, they have been using prepositions, adverbs and conjunctions to improve their writing techniques. They have been using these tools when having a picture stimulus. There have been some super stories produced.


In Maths, they have been continuing with time and finding out the duration of events using a timetable, telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes and learning about the 24 hour clock. Telling the time is tricky but we are very impressed how determined the whole class is and have applied themselves fully to all lessons! Well done Year Three!

Click on the link below to find some games linked to time. 

Time games


In Science, they have started the unit ‘Plants’ and have thought about what happens when a plant has no water or light. They have made predictions about what will happen. Everyone has planted a bean and over the coming weeks they will be measuring how many shoots appear from the French Bean or the Broad Bean. The beans have already started to grow and all children are very excited to see how big they will grow to.


Petit Chaperon Rouge is the next unit in French. After listening to the story of Little Red Riding Hood in French they used the vocabulary list to label the characters and the main settings in French.

A day in the life of a Roman Soldier.


On Friday, year three went on a visit to the Grosvenor Museum in Chester to find out what life was like in the Roman Era. They took place in a workshop where they found out about how life had changed over the 1000 years within the Roman Empire. Within the workshop there were three different areas which all children enjoyed thoroughly, they learnt about what life was like in a Roman kitchen, how to build and construct a roof and the underfloor heating system and what the role of an archaeologist entails. The smells in the kitchen were very interesting especially the Garum Sauce.....fermented fish sauce!! Not one person was willing to try this!

In the afternoon, they took on the role of a Roman soldier. After placing on the armour and learning how to hold a shield correctly they took to the streets of Chester and marched to the nearby amphitheatre. They learnt how to create formations using their shields to ensure all of the legion were protected and learnt how to defend against attackers.

On their return to the museum they proved they were true Roman soldiers by completing the chant which would have been sung. 'Sin sin sin dex sin' which translated to English means left left left right left. 

Everyone had a fantastic day and when asked what was the favourite part they could not choose!! They said it was all amazing!!

They should be very proud of themselves as they were fantastic ambassadors for our school. Well done Year Three. A fantastic day out! Thank you. 


Our Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.


On Tuesday Year 3 took part in Hugo's Jubilee day to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

Throughout the day they completed a number of activities that included producing a piece of art in the style of Britto as well as producing fact files all about the Queen. They even got the opportunity to meet the Queen!

At lunchtime they enjoyed a street party lunch out on the playground. 



We can’t believe it’s the end of another half term!


This week in English, they have been practising the use of adverbials for time, place and manner and also the use of expanded noun phrases. After practising these they used all of the skills they learnt they produced a short story using a picture as a stimulus. All children used the skills to produce a fantastic piece of writing.


Time has been the area of focus this week in maths. They have recapped o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. They have started to solve problems linked to the months of the year. One of the challenges they were given was to find the 100th day in the year, there were several different ways of working this out but they all arrived at the same answer of 10th April.


This afternoon the Jubilee celebrations started with a performance of the Queen’s Jubilee Zadok rules. The children took part in the choir’s performance with the community choir. It was a perfect finish to the half term!


Have a lovely rest over half term and we will see you all on Monday 6th June.


As part of our science topic ‘Light’ we have been investigating what happens when you hold a mirror next to a piece of writing. They wrote a message for their partner and held a mirror above it. They found it very tricky to write the message as they saw it! They found that the message was a reflection and was very hard to read.


In English they have continued to travel further into the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker, they have travelled through a door to an unknown world. First, they designed and described their door by using expanded noun phrases and adverbs. Next, they described the setting they were travelling into. To complete this activity, they wrote a message to the girl’s parents using first person. They explained why they were leaving and where they were going to. In the message they used the present perfect tense which has developed their writing skills further.


During Maths, everyone has successfully used a fraction wall to find equivalent fractions. They have completed a challenge to see which fractions are the same as others.


To start our new topic of ‘Raiders, Traders and Invaders’ they learnt all about the Roman invasions from 55 BC to AD 43. They learnt about how the first invasion was unsuccessful and the second invasion where Julius Caesar took bigger and stronger legions and had some success.


During Science this week they have been investigating what happens to shadows at different times of the day. Before they measured the shadows at different intervals during the day they predicted at what time of the day would be the longest shadows. After completing the experiment, they used the scientific language to complete their conclusion. They discovered that the shadows are longer in the morning and the evening than they are in the middle of the day.

In Maths, they have started to use a fraction wall to solve equivalent fraction problems. They have also been practising their fluency and calculations within times tables.

In English, they have started a new text ‘Journey’ which is a very special book as it has no words! They were amazed that a book could have no words! They started by making a prediction about what the book maybe about by watching the trailer linked below and looking at the first picture. They discussed the feelings and emotions of the girl and why she may be feeling like this.



In Maths this week, Year three have been finding the fractions of quantities. They have solved a range of problems using a variety of different strategies. Using concrete apparatus and the skills and knowledge they have learnt over the past 2 weeks. They have explained how they have solved them and why they chose that method to do so.

To finish off our text ‘The Big Blue Whale’ they have written a letter explaining the dangers of whales swimming too close to the shore. They have used time, place and manner adverbials at the beginning of their sentences and have developed their use of paragraphs.

As part of the Chance to Shine sessions they have continued to develop their bowling and catching skills and have started with a warm up which encouraged them to practise their catching technique. After this they started to develop their batting techniques. The goal was to hit the ball and get it between the two targets. They were excellent at this and showed great sportsmanship by encouraging others and celebrating when everyone hit the target.

Chance to shine


What a busy first week back we have had!

It was lovely to hear about all of the things the children had been getting up to over the holidays.

In English, they have been researching different facts about blue whales. They have been acting as David Attenborough this week by writing their own voice over for a whale documentary.  They have included time, place and manner adverbials. 

In Maths, they have converted fractions to decimals and discovered the relationship between tenths and decimals. They were all very proud of themselves with ‘Magic 96’ today as they all improves their scores from before Easter.

They have had their first session of ‘Chance to Shine’ cricket where they developed their catching and bowling techniques. They all really enjoyed this and are looking forward to next week.


We can’t believe this has been the final week of another term!


Year three have been continuing to work on the text ‘The Big Blue Whale’ by asking questions about the following: How whales communicate? How do whales eat? And What do whales eat? They have written a letter to a Whale research company which have been sent first class, they are eagerly awaiting a reply

In Maths, they have been continuing to explore fractions by investigating equivalent fractions, finding tenths and counting in tenths.

Within Geography they have been using an atlas to find a variety of counties. They can locate Staffordshire and Shropshire on a map of England. Using the atlases they have played several rounds of fastest finger first where they have to locate the correct county. They are very competitive indeed!!

Have a well earned rest and enjoy the Easter holidays. Well done for a fantastic term Year Three!!!



This week Year Three should be very proud of how they have attacked challenge week. They have given their all and completed the challenges with a positive attitude. Well done Year Three I am very proud of you!!

In Maths, they have started to explore ‘Fractions’, they have found and recognised a half and a quarter and have made equal parts of objects and numbers. They have completed some problem solving activities and given very clear explanations of how they know and why that is the answer.


As part of our new Science topic ’Light and Shadows’ we took advantage of the lovely sunshine and completed an investigation all about shadows. After discussing what a shadow is and how it was formed they went out to create shadows using our body. They used their bodies to create different shapes and shadows and compared what they were like at a different time of the day.


Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day!



This week has been a busy one in Year Three!


They started the week exploring similes in English looking at a variety of different poems, their favourite was ‘As, as, as’. They enjoyed listening to the poem and exploring the meaning of the similes. On Thursday they researched what a ‘Dinka Poem’ is and found out it originated from the Dinka Tribe in Sudan, Africa. The Dinka tribe read the poem to their children which has carried on generation to generation. The poem they read is called ‘The Magnificent Bull’.


As it is ‘Science Week’ this week they have been thinking about what the word growth means to them. They have found out about a variety of scientists and the growth journey they went through to be considered as a famous scientist. Within their learning they discovered that the largest in the world is ‘The General Sherman Tree’. The height of this tree is 83.8 metres. To understand the size of this they went out to measure the playground and the distance of the playground from the fence at the bottom to the castle at the top was 83 meters. There were a lot of amazed faces when they realised how tall the tree was!


Funny is Power was the theme for Comic Relief this year. All children made their super power mask and wore them to celebration assembly this morning. The masks were all amazing!!  Throughout the day they found out about how Jordan North rowed 100 meters backwards and Tom Daley sawm, ran, cycled and rowed from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford to his home town of Plymouth. They also met a boy called Teddy and discussed how resilient he was. Through a discussion they explained how they would have felt if, like Teddy, they had no friends and how they would have made different children feel welcome. It was a very thought provoking discussion and all children showed how loving and caring they are. I was very proud of them!

Funny is Power - Comic Relief

World Book Day

World Book Day - All things words!


Year three have worked very hard for the final week of the half term and have deserved a well earned rest.

In English, they have finished off the ‘Stone Age Boy’ and have written their own version of the story. They have used the present perfect tense, a range of conjunctions to extend their sentences and expanded noun phrases to add the description.

In Maths, they have been adding and subtracting money to find the amount of change needed. If you need someone to work out the change you will get, year three are the ones to do it!

As part of our science topic ‘Magnets and Forces’ they got to find out which materials are magnetic and which are not. They investigated different materials in the classroom to see which were attracted to the magnets. Great fun was had doing this and they were amazed that some one pence coins were magnetic and some were not.


Have a lovely half term and a well earned rest. Thank you for all of your support over the last half term. 


Children's Mental Health Week and Safer Internet Day. 


This week Year Three have considered the important issue of Children's Mental Health. On Monday, they began at looking what mental health is and what it means to them.  Throughout the week, they have spent time watching and discussing a variety of 'Growth Stories',  where some famous celebrities have shared their experiences of times in their lives when they have been faced by challenges and how they overcame them. Alongside a range of other activities Year Three created their own emotional goal and to go along side this a ladder to show the small steps they will complete to achieve their goal. Initially they all thought the goal was too big and there would be no way to achieve this but after breaking it down everyone agreed that they could do it and some have already started! 

Action for Children came into school to show us how to manage and deal with a range of emotions. They learnt about identifying where they are on a well being scale of 1 -10 and thought about a range of breathing exercises and techniques they could use if they were feeling anxious, sad or overwhelmed by something. They learnt how to take long, slow, calming breathes by blowing bubbles across the playground and watching those worries drift up into the sky. 


As part of Safer Internet Day's 'All Fun and Games?', Year 3 discussed and shared a variety of

scenarios and their strategies to stay safe when playing games online. They also played a game in which they had to create a character to deal with the negative gaming situation.


As a whole school project, each class have contributed to a final piece of art. This has meant learning about the artist Henri Matisse and having a go at 'Scissor Art', creating vibrantly coloured and interesting shapes following Matisse's techniques. 



On Monday Year Three had a visitor from ‘Keep Stoke Smiling’ who came into talk to the children about keeping our teeth healthy. She talked about how often teeth need to be cleaned and what kind of toothpaste should be used. The children were really shocked to see how much sugar was in a bottle of Coca-cola. A staggering amount of 36g!! All children commented how much they liked sweets so they looked at what alternatives they could have. They looked at the colour code for the sugar levels and compared which were better for your teeth.



On Friday they helped to support the NSPCC to raise money as part of ‘Number Day 2022’.  During the day they have completed all things number. This has included looking at money and how to convert this from pounds to pence. They loved challenging the teacher, this involved making a maths challenge to be given to the teachers to solve. There were some very hard questions set!

In the afternoon, they completed maths through art. They had an outline of an insect to create a symmetrical pattern. There were some very abstract designs.

Number Day

Keep Stoke Smiling!



This week year three started with a visit to the Air Ambulance Helipod. The children all sat inside the cockpit and investigated the dials and switches. They were amazed to know how much it cost every time the helicopter was called out. £2,995 every time!

In Art this week, they have been collecting natural resources to create a sculpture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. They collected sticks, leaves, conker shells, stones and pebbles to create their sculpture. There were some amazing designs!
In two weeks they will go and investigate how much the sculptures have decomposed or changed and take photographs to compare this.

During Maths they have been showing off their times tables skills and using the short division method. They have learnt how to complete the process without exchange and also with exchange. To finish off the week they set a challenge to themselves to see if they could beat their highest Magic 96 score. All of the children should be very proud of themselves as this is a tricky challenge and they are all improving week by week. Well done Year Three!! Keep on practising!!



We started the week with a Hoola Hooping session. They were all fantastic! Much better than me! They could hoola hoop for at least 30 seconds with one or more hoop. The greatest amount of hoops was 7! Some of the children had a go at completing the tricks, they had a go at running whilst hoola hooping and also climbing onto a raised platform and jumping off...all while hoola hooping!! A skill which was mastered very quickly. 

Later in the week they had the Volcano presentations to look forward to. Every one shared facts they had learnt about a specific volcano and shared these through power points, posters and models. All of the children did an amazing job and I was very proud of how much effort they had put into this. Thank you to everyone at home who helped with the organisation of this. A job well done! 

The volcanoes will be put on display in school so the hard work can be seen by all. 



Hoola Hooping




The first full week back has been a very busy one.  They started the week with an enrichment session with Bee Active. They completed a challenge where they had to see how many lunges, press ups and jumping the hurdles they could do. There were also different challenges for them to complete.   At the end of the session they played ‘Battle Cones’ where they had to work as a team to knock down the other teams cones. This made them communicate with each other and create tactics to be able to win the game. They were excellent at working together as team. Well done Year Three.


In Art this week, they have started to find out about the artist ‘Andy Goldsworthy’. They were very impressed with the sculptures he has produced using sticks, leaves, stone, mud, ice and snow. In their sketch books they have created a fact file front page using photographs, sketches and facts all about him.  Over the coming weeks they will be using natural materials to create their own sculpture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

It has been lovely to welcome Year Three back to school after the Christmas holidays. They have come back with an eagerness to find out and expand their knowledge even more.

In English, they have started to look at a new text called ‘The Stone Age Boy’ they have started to use comparative and superlative adjectives to describe a setting. After practising these they chose a setting from the book so far and wrote a description about it.  Maths this week has started looking at the 4 times tables, they have practised sequencing the multiples of 4 through chanting and completing their Times Tables Rock stars daily. They have also been investigating the relationship between multiplication and division.

As part of our ‘Angry Earth’ topic they have been exploring what it would be like to live around the base of a volcano. They have discovered there are some very interesting plants and animals that have adapted. One of the most interesting plants was the Silversword which is found in the desert zone in Hawaii. It has adapted and has narrow pointed silver, hairy leaves. There was also lots of different animals. The Hoary Bat is also from Hawaii and feasts on moths and insects. They are small and brown to camouflage with the rocks.

Year Three have finished the autumn term off with a very festive week and what a fantastic week it has been!

They have been making Christingles and have discussed the meaning of them and what they represent.  They have also had some very special visitors into school this week, two reindeer called Vixen and Tinks who behaved very well whilst the children asked questions about them. They have found out many facts about them such as why their legs make a clicking noise when they walk and why their antlers are furry. 

Thank you for all of your support this term it is always very much appreciated.  

Have a lovely holiday.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.  See you in January. 

Christmas Jumper Day 2021.

To sew or not to sew....

Year Three have been practising their skills this week by sewing onto a piece of binca.  They have been improving their running stitch skills and some have practised their cross stitch.  At the start of the week they all commented that they didn’t like sewing as it was boring but their minds have been well and truly changed. So much so they have all asked when we can do it again as it has been the best week ever!!

Sew... if you need any buttons sewing onto clothes then your child will do this for you. They were very excited to see how far they had come with this in just a week. I can’t wait to see who will make it to the sewing bee!

Week 2 - Christmas traditions around the world.

Year Three did some fantastic homework for RE, finding out about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. They were so creative! Some of the children have shared their information this week and the rest of the class will share their findings next week.

Did you know that in Poland people put their slippers out for Santa and not their stockings!

In Australia Santa comes on the surf board but in Kenya he comes on a camel! They have all learnt so much.

They should be very proud of themselves this week as they have used all of the strategies and skills learnt over the past term to complete their assessments. They have shown how much determination and perseverance they have by ensuring they answer every question to the best of their ability. I am very proud of them!

The week finished with an excellent morning at Market Drayton Festival Centre watching ‘Dick Whittingham’. They were all fantastic ambassadors for our school and behaved very well. Everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed watching a great show with some brilliant jokes! Well done Year Three.


As part of our Angry Earth topic year three have been finding out what it would have been like to live at the bottom of an active volcano. They discovered that all towns and cities at the base of the volcano have an 'Emergency Evacuation Plan' and this is dependent on the previous eruptions. They have written diary extracts from the view point of a farmer whose farm is at the bottom of the volcano and have produced an survival guide to help people understand what they need to do to stay safe.



In Science, they have been exploring which foods different animals eat. They paired up and researched what the animals ate, where their habitat was and whether they were an omnivore, a carnivore or a herbivore. Mrs Gleave gave some challenge questions and held a discussion about meat eaters and plant eaters. They could identify which animal was in which category and produced some amazing fact files about a variety of animals. One of the facts they learnt was that horses cannot breathe through their mouths!


In music, they have started to explore the glockenspiels. They played the noted E and D and played two pieces of music using these notes. They were excellent at keeping the beat and playing along with the tune. I was very impressed!

Another busy week in Year Three!

This week Year Three have been developing their understanding and have started to  spread the message of ‘One Kind Word’ in support of this year's Anti-bullying Week. In support of this they all came into school with odd socks.

On Monday, they took part in a BBC live lesson and listened to different scenarios. They watched a role play session and explained how they could help the boy who was being bullied. They designed their own odd socks which we will hang as bunting in our cloakroom to remind everyone that ‘One Kind Word’ helps lots of people.  They explained how they would spread kindness through the school, there were some excellent thought shared. Some examples of these were:

  • Helping others when they are hurt.
  • Asking people if they are ok.

They will send a ripple of kindness by sharing a smile and saying ’One kind word makes a difference’.


 In English, they have been continuing to use time adverbials when writing a diary entry or a letter. They have written also been exploring the characters in the boy and identifying why Tom and the boy are very different.


In Maths, they have been solving word problems linked to the addition and subtraction skills they have learnt. They have again been challenging themselves to beat their previous times tables challenge.  They are very competitive with themselves.


As part of the 'Angry Earth' topic they have been researching different facts about a range of volcanoes. They looked at Cotopaxi, Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna and Mount Fuji to name a few. After a discussion about where each continent was in relation to the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere they used an atlas to locate the different volcanoes in the world. 


For Children in Need all children came dressed in their own clothes and donated a pound to support the charity. They looked at why we raise money for them and what the money raised goes to support. They looked at a little boy’s story who is thankful for the opportunity to be able to do things he never would have been able to without the support of each and everyone.  They found out that Pudsey is the official mascot of the BBC Children in Need. Pudsey appeared in 1985 and was created by Joanna Ball, he took his name from her home town -  Pudsey, Yorkshire. Blush is also a Children in Need bear and she gained her name by being signed by George Bush and Tony Blair. She took a part of each surname which formed her name now. 


Thank you to you all for supporting an amazing charity.



This week Year Three have continued to use the text ‘The Winter’s Child’ to explore the use of time adverbs which they have used to write a clear concise set of instructions and to create a diary entry from Tom. In Maths, they have been continuing to work on addition and subtraction while crossing 10 and 100. When asked how they completed the question there were some super explanations using language such as ‘I used the inverse...’ and ‘I started by....’.


They have been exploring how nutrients are important in a balanced diet. They have started to plan a menu using all of the sections of the Eatwell guide.

On Thursday they joined the whole school to remember all service personnel who fought in the war. They learnt about why we wear a poppy and why there are different coloured poppies.

They learnt about the last post and why is it played. Miss Toft performed it to the class on her trumpet.  Please click on the sound bar below to listen.  

Last Post

Friday 5th November.

Year Three have made a fantastic start to the second half of the Autumn Term.

In English, they have made predictions about our new text ‘The Winter’s Child’. They have described the setting using a or an in the correct places, prepositions and expanded noun phrases. Using these descriptions they wrote a poem and described what Nana might have seen through the window.  The favourite lesson in English was using inverted commas. They were asked to write a conversation between Tom and Nana using pasta and a white board pen. They were all very shocked when they were told to write on the tables. They have been given strict instructions ‘Not to try this at home!’

In Art, all children used one of our school values by showing how resilient they could be. They were given half of a Stone Age animal and using the skills learnt over the last half term they created texture and tone to create the mirror image of the animal. They all showed real determination and their sketches were excellent.

In French, they have started a new unit called ‘Les Animaux’. The pronunciation was excellent and everyone had a go at saying the animals. Un Mouton is the favourite at the moment. Next week they will learn more animals in French and they will be telling everyone what their favourite animal is.

Wow! The end of the first half term already!

Year Three should be commended on the hard work and dedication they have shown this half term. They have been absolute superstars and have attempted every challenge which has been given. Well done Year Three.

This week during Science, they turned into Palaeontologists and excavated fossils from a rock. The rock happened to be a chocolate chip cookie and the fossils were the chocolate chips! Their challenge was to excavate as many fossils (AKA chocolate chips) as they could without breaking them or eating them! The room was silent and the concentration was immense as they used their tools to excavate the fossils. The overall record was 25 fossils.

They have also had the opportunity to watch Steve Backshall deliver a live ‘Deadly 60’ lesson about fossils and evolution. They were amazing with their knowledge and could answer the questions before the challenge team. They investigated the different types of fossils and categorised them into three sections: A trace fossil, a body fossil and a coprolite. This was thoroughly enjoyed and they all wanted to know more about the ‘Deadly Dinosaurs’.


Thank you for all of your support during the first half term. Have a very restful week.

When I was born in the Stone Age by Michael Rosen and Year Three.

Earlier in the term, the children celebrated National Poetry Day. This year’s theme was ‘Choice’. Each year group read a range of poems and chose their favourite to learn and perform to other year groups. They were absolutely amazing and word perfect. Click on the play button below to hear the recital.  Fantastic Year three! Please listen to our performance - we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed learning and performing it.

Another week has flown by in Year Three!



They have been very excited this week to get their passwords for ‘The Spelling League’. The competition is on to see who can earn the most amounts of coins to upgrade their stadiums.  Who will get the most coins?




They have worked incredibly hard to complete some amazing writing assessments, this has enabled them to show off what they have learnt over this half term in their English lessons. There was some super writing. I am very proud of how hard they have worked.

In Maths, they have started to use the column addition method to solve addition sums. They have learnt about why it is so important for them to have the numbers in the correct columns and what happens if we don’t!

During Science, they have learnt how the fossilisation process happened. They sequenced the stages to create a zig zag book to show how and when it all happened. They want to know more about how they found the fossils and how the palaeontologists excavated them. Watch this space!!

Using their History skills, they were able to give their opinion about why Stonehenge was built and what is would have been used for. There were lots of thoughtful views shared. They were able to use the sources of evidence to provide them with their own thoughts and opinions which they shared with their friends in class.

#HelloYellow - National Mental Health Day

Friday was National Mental Health Day. Throughout the day Year three completed a series of activities related to their feelings and emotions. One of the first activities was to talk about the range of emotions they experience throughout the week, once they had done this it was easy to find them all in the word search.

One of the emotions they looked into further was resilience. They talked about how they could build resilience in school. Some of the examples were ‘Never giving up!’, ‘Believing in yourself’ and ‘Working hard!’  There was lots of other ways discussed but these are the three that are going to displayed in our classroom.

They discovered that all emotions were not always good ones and there were also difficult emotions, they discussed how they currently deal with them and how they would deal with them going forward. Dancing and Music seemed to be popular ways to deal with anger, frustration and being upset.

Finally, they took part in a Super Hero competition. They had to design a Super Hero with very special super powers to support other people. The entries were fantastic and the winner will be revealed very soon!