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Alliance in Partnership is at the forefront of promoting a healthy lifestyle. We believe that nutritious, healthy meals designed by students and teachers, with help from our staff of experts, enhance the curriculum and help children learn. Your menu offers a choice of fresh, healthy cooked food which meets the Government food based standards and has been nutritionally analysed to create balanced, healthy meals. Your menus retain the Gold Food for Life Catering Mark and are freshly prepared using the finest, fresh and local ingredients.



Here are the ways in which we bring your menu to life:


  • Our menu is over 80% freshly prepared daily.
  • All meat is British Red Tractor certified supplied by local butcher Anderton’s Butchers o All beef mince is certified Organic
  • All pork is Free Range
  • All Fish is MSC certified


In accordance with the Gold Food for Life Standard, we spend 15% of our food budget on organics. The following items are always organic:


  • Beef mince
  • Milk
  • Yoghurt


Fresh fruit and yoghurt ae served daily alongside our prepared desserts. Cheese and Crackers are also served twice a week.


We make a daily prepared dessert fresh each day. Each one contains fruit or vegetables. This lessens the need for excess added sugar in our baking.


All baked desserts contain fruit as well as a whole grain, such as wholemeal flour or oats.

We turn popular food into healthier options for children:


  • Our Pizzas are made on wholemeal bases with our own homemade tomato sauce. We add vegetables and sometimes lentils to these sauces to add even more beneficial nutrients.
  • Wedges, chips, and fish are oven baked in the majority of Staffordshire School
  • Fresh bread is served daily containing wholemeal flour and different herbs and spices
  • We reduce salt and sugar in all our meals. We never salt any food after it has finished cooking.
  • Our Asian and Mexican Sauces are made by our cooks so that they can reduce the salt and sugar content.
  • We offer Meat Free Mondays to encourage children to try new things in some schools
  • Our menus provide vegetarian options where agreed. For instance, we use Linda McCartney Sausages as our option instead of Quorn.
  • Fresh hot vegetables are offered. However, peas, green beans and sweetcorn are the only frozen vegetables that are offered throughout the cycle.
  • The salad bar always contains core vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and sweetcorn. We also add in other vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, or celery to keep it fresh and different. We also offer one to two formed salads, such as coleslaw, cous cous, or pasta salad each day.